Narcotraffic from Brazil to Albania, the role of two Vibonesi arrested in the Magma investigation

Carlo Piece

It also fully involves two from Vibonesithe operation named “Magma” of the DDA of Reggio Calabria which yesterday led to 24 arrests (15 in prison and 9 under house arrest) accused of having taken part in a vast international drug trafficking that would have been directed by members of the Bellocco di Rosano family. The two arrested Vibonesi (prison) are: Francesco Agostino37 years old, of Nicotera, and Carlo Pezzo41 years old, of Sant’Onofrio. Against the two arrested – together with Umberto Bellocco (cl. ’72), Giuseppe Cotroneo (cl. ’73), Francesco Di Giacco (cl. ’76), Antonio Caracciolo (cl. ’85), Giovanni Greco (cl. ’84), Angelo Arrigo (cl. ’88) and Ersidio Shkurti – the crime of criminal association aimed at the traffic of cocaine and marijuana even for large quantities.

Umberto Bellocco from Rosarno would have been the promoter of the group, Giuseppe Cotroneo the organizer who allegedly identified the buyers of the drug then kept in the property of Gioacchino Traso in the Bosco di Rosarno district. Francesco Agostino of Nicotera and Giovanni Greco are indicated as participating in the association, with the task of communicating the progress of individual businesses and transport the treated drugs on Italian territory, then identifying the subjects interested in the purchase of both cocaine and marijuana.

Carlo Piece of Sant’Onofrio – recently moved to the Mantua area – together with Ersidio Skhurti they would have played the role of participants in the association and in particular held the role of stable suppliers of the group selling large quantities of marijuana included between 200 and 300 kilosby granting them significant deferrals of payment related to the placement by the co-owners of the drug supplied on the market. [Continua in basso]

The drug from Brazil

According to investigations by the Reggio Calabria DDA and the Finance Police, Francesco Agostino and Giovanni Greco Giovanni would have dealt, after having reached an agreement with Giuseppe Corapi, of the transport of drugs from Switzerland to Milan. Always Francesco Agostino and Giuseppe Cotroneo, after identifying the potential buyers of the drug exported from Brazil on behalf of the association, are accused of having on March 9, 2018 to deliver it in Skhurti Ersidio e to Carlo Pezzo who would have guaranteed payment of the drug by the end of the month. Francesco Agostinoin addition, he would have kept the telematic contacts with the Brazilian De Castro Caldas and with Giuseppe Corapi.

The Candidoni plantation and the Pezzo group

On 27 July 2018 the carabinieri discovered 1227 marijuana plants in an apparently abandoned area in the municipality of Candidoni. On the occasion Francesco Agostino and Raffaele Macrì of Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte managed to escape arrest by moving away.
The group they belong to Carlo Piece and Ersidio Shkurti would have instead operated in Mantua with operational sectors also in Albania. [Continua in basso]

The contrasts with the Albanians

The finding of the plantation

Fundamental to the investigation proved to be the wiretapping environmental and telephone. They thus discovered the contrasts between the Calabrians and the group of Albanians that he had not paid for the drug ordered from Brazil. “This state of affairs will determine the exposure of Bellocco and his group to Brazilian sellers which will become more and more pressing in their requests for the balance of the debt, deriving from the sale of the batch of cocaine which, as per previous agreements, should have been paid in a short time, as evidently the Calabrians had told them that the Albanians were the final recipients of the drug consignmentthey would have placed it quickly and would have remitted the total sum to the suspects Bellocco, Cotroneo, Augustine and Greco “.

The summit with the Brazilian narcos and the contrasts between Agostino and Pezzo

In this context, a emissary of the Brazilian narcos he would have personally traveled to Calabria between August and September 2018 to clarify the matter. A meeting in the countryside with Carlo Pezzoa meeting in which both Greco and Cotroneo should have participated and Francesco Agostino. “From the content of these intercepted dialogues – notes the investigating judge – we understand how the presence at this conference by Francesco Agostino Francesco was not appreciated by Carlo Pezzowho harbored strong feelings of hatred towardsby Agostino. In fact, Carlo Pezzo refused to attend the meeting if Augustine had taken part in it. Only thanks to insistence of the other suspects and with the intervention of Umberto BelloccoCarlo Pezzo will then decide to participate in the program meeting”. [Continua in basso]

Piece and the Cerberus operation, Agostino and the investigation into Campisi

Antonio Campisi

Processed and acquitted in the process born of the operation “Dragon eggs” of the Dda of Catanzaro from the accusation of mafia association (Bonavota di Sant’Onofrio clan), Carlo Piece became involved in November 2019 in the named operation “Cerberus” of the Dda of Turin. In this case he is accused of having taken part in the supply of 33 kilos of hashish between Turin and San Donato Milanese, dated 4 September 2016.
Towards Francesco Agostino, instead, the DDA of Catanzaro closed last August preliminary investigations as part of the investigation into attempted murder in Ionadi in May 2019 against Domenic Signorettathe latter considered closely related to the boss Pantaleone Mancuso, known as “the Engineer”, and suspected by Antonio Campisi di Nicotera of having taken part in the murder of his father Domenico in June 2012. In the same investigation, the alleged aiding and abetting of the fugitives of Antonio Campisi and his uncle Giuseppe involved in the “Obsession” operation.

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