Names, names and … names | Meat from Argentina and Brazil null aid to prices, high freight and taxes and pressure with the US

In the interest of reducing inflation, Sader of Victor Manuel Villalobos The opening of the borders with countries with which Mexico does not have commercial agreements began, in beef and pork.

Fortunately, Senasica de javier trujillo It has signed sanitary agreements with Argentina, for beef on Friday, and yesterday with Brazil for pork.

In beef, imports will be allowed from 22 plants in Argentina and pork can be brought from 7 plants from Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Obviously the effectiveness of the provisions to lower prices will not be very effective. Simply because of the cost of logistics. Some meat is already being brought from Chile with whom there is an FTA.

The GCMA that runs Juan Carlos Anaya He estimated that this opening is more of a “political measure” that will not help much because there are also taxes. Argentina charges 15% to meat exporters from his country.

Now, as they say out there, the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador turned out to be more neoliberal than Enrique Pena Nieto, Felipe Calderon Y vincent fox. It opens borders without asking for anything in return. Of course there are AMLO commitments with Alberto Fernandez and now with Luis Inácio Lula da Silva.

Obviously the government of Joe Biden I don’t like that diversification. In meat there is a close relationship via the T-MEC, and of course their interests are affected. He also told her about the concern regarding banning imports of transgenic corn by 2024.

It is public that this Monday Katherine Tai USTR received a letter from Senators Joni K. Ernst Y Charles E. Grassley. They question AMLO’s prohibitive policy, which is explained to be impracticable, because 92% of the corn grown by the US is genetically modified.

Iowa producers who today export 16 million tons of corn to Mexico are going to be hit, it is judged that there is a flagrant violation of the USMCA and Tai is asked for a panel of controversy.

It cannot be ruled out that soon we will also see reactions from the US livestock and swine sector, although due to positioning, since in practice the new imports will not matter. As you want high risk.


Televisa recently announced the early split from Club América, the passion of Emilio Azcarraga, and the Azteca Stadium of its assets. According to this it is to maximize its value in a new entity. Said movement, however, let’s say that it is a step prior to a more relevant operation, and that is the million-dollar stock offer of Televisa-Univisión, a transaction in the sights for 2023 of the team of Alfonso de Angoitia. So consider it.


And now if among the issues that will go up to the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies this week, is the “prompt payment” initiative that promoted Carlos Noriega in favor of SMEs. There will be a maximum period of 45 days to settle an invoice or up to 60 in specific cases. For this, article 83 bis of the Commercial Code will be modified. The matter bothered Concamín de Jose Abugaber and BEFORE of Vincent Yanez.


Although in October the BBVA “Big Data” consumption indicator, which eduardo osuna grew 1.2%, the variation of the last three months is 0.0%. The services component barely grew 0.4% in the reference month. Hence, the institution foresees a slow growth of non-essential services and more consumption of non-durable goods towards the end of the year and 2023, due to the impact of inflation and the rise in household rates. In other words, slowdown in demand.

Names, names and … names | Meat from Argentina and Brazil null aid to prices, high freight and taxes and pressure with the US