Mafalda Minnozzi, from San Severino to star in Brazil: «In Piazza del Popolo I started singing, there I played and ran»

By now she lives abroad, in Brazil, but Mafalda Minnozzi, an extraordinary singer of international caliber, does not forget her Italian origins. She does not forget her childhood and the places where she grew up, in Italy, in the Marches, in San Severino Marche, even though she now feels like a citizen of the world.

THE memories

«Being an artist – he comments – means feeling part of the world, because music integrates, unites and creates wonderful meeting opportunities, which slowly lead you to feel good and at ease in every country where there is an audience that comes to listen to you . But that feeling of “home” always remains, sometimes more hidden, sometimes stronger, because it is made above all of memories, memories that accompany you everywhere». They are part of life, part of each of us and for Mafalda Minnozzi it is the same. Thinking of “his” Marche means “thinking” of her San Severino Marche, and remembering the place in her heart.

Heart square

«My childhood – he says – is linked to the square, to the beautiful Piazza del Popolo, where my parents made many sacrifices to open a restaurant right under the loggias, but they also did it with great passion. And I can’t help but think about when I used to play with it and run around». The square, the heart of all the centers of more or less large cities, and also the heart of the singer’s memories, whose memory runs back, leafing through her album of memories. «In San Severino – she says – I dreamed! And that’s where I started singing.” Everything took place next to the square, the beating heart of young Mafalda’s dreams. «I started singing – she adds – in the children’s choir of the church of San Giuseppe, because it was adjacent to our restaurant and therefore my parents allowed me to go. This is also a beautiful memory, full of affection, because it was a nice way to be together”. The square at the center of everything, the heart square of the historic center of San Severino which, when she returns “home” tries to live.

«When I come back – he says – I enjoy mum, her flowers, her garden, her little dog». Memories of a quiet life that she finds and says: «The enveloping tranquility of provincial life means that I can devote myself to creation, to new ideas and new musical projects which I then inevitably end up taking around the world. When I come back, strolling through the alleys, in the centre, in the silence of the early hours of the night helps me reconcentrate… but after a while I feel the need to leave again». The historic heart of San Severino, the protagonist of distant memories of her, is also the protagonist of more recent ones. Last summer she returned to Italy, and precisely to San Severino, she recalls, «we thought of a project for the town, with three musical encounters with the public, in some places in the historic centre, where warm spectators gathered in a intimate, with guitar and vocals. A musical dimension that I found with great pleasure».

The future

Mafalda Minnozzi has achieved very important goals in Brazil, the United States and other countries of the world, such as Austria and Germany, to mention Europe as well. And given the latest Italian tour, which garnered much acclaim, she hasn’t forgotten Italy and the places of her heart. «I hope – your wish for the future – to be able to perform in Italy more often. The summer dates are rewarding, but I’m also thinking of a tour created especially for theatres. In Italy there are beautiful ones, in the Marches there are very precious ones and in San Severino Marche there is the Feronia». Feronia which is also located in Piazza del Popolo. «They are all theaters – he closes – in which tradition, modernity and innovation coexist perfectly».

Mafalda Minnozzi, from San Severino to star in Brazil: «In Piazza del Popolo I started singing, there I played and ran»