Lulism takes over the streets of Brazil: “Only Lula could achieve this”

The deafening noise of motorcycles and car horns has taken over this Sunday around the Paulista avenuein downtown São Paulo, after the victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the elections in Brazil. Thousands of people, dressed in red and wearing hats and flags with the face of the newly elected president, have invaded the streets shouting “Hey, hey, hey, Lula, Lula & rdquor; and making the gesture that most represents them after a count of infarction: the already emblematic Ldrawn with the index finger and thumb.

at the gates of Hotel Intercontinentalwhere Lula has given his speech after knowing the result, dozens of people wait impatiently in front of the fences for the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) appear. Among them is Telma Clement, a 64-year-old retiree, watching the younger crowd from the second row. “It is a relief for everyone to return to democracy. I have suffered a lot tonight, like all Brazilians on the left and progressives, because we expected a victory with a larger margin. Thank God we won only lula could get this in a country that is going through such a critical moment & rdquor ;, he assures.

The feeling of relief is the most predominant among the attendees, who recognize the psychological exhaustion after a campaign marked by insultsthe accusations and the fake news. Catherine Paesea 25-year-old lawyer, admits feeling afraid because of the high number of people who have voted for the far-right candidate and current president, Jair Bolsonaro. “After everything we have experienced in these last four years, I feel scared because half of the country still believes that Bolsonaro still an option& rdquor ;, he explains.

The red tide sweeps

the red tide is growing on the main avenue of the city. Most of those present, many of them young, sing proclamations against the current president surrounded by beer and grilled meat skewers. Some proclamations only interrupted by the firecrackers, which resound in the environment every five minutes. Fabian Camargoa 34-year-old nursing technician, says he is relieved by the departure of a government leader that he describes as “genocidal”. “The poor and the workers are the ones who have suffered the most in the last four years of Bolsonaro. It has been very stressful because we have had to defend basic guidelines such as work or the fight against hunger. We now have another four years to erase the shadow of fascism in this country.”

The people who have come out this Sunday to celebrate Lula’s victory are part of the more than 60 million voters who have opted for the former president in these elections. Others have stayed in his house 58 millionwho have given their vote to Bolsonaro and who, tonight, represent The other side of the coin. How to end the division and reconcile the country is one of the big questions that people like Carlos Modena, a 56-year-old civil servant. “This government has divided the country, now I hope that Lula manages to unify it again. It is a very difficult task, because Bolsonarism is going to remain, but I think that only a charismatic leader How can he get it?”

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other people like Ingrid Mazetoa 46-year-old physiotherapist, believe that the only way to reconcile the Brazilian people is with the improvement of the economy and public policies. “Despite the fact that Bolsonaro has obtained almost half of the votes, I think there are very few who actually agree with his extreme ideas. Most of them are linked to his liberal economic ideasat the moment in which the economy begins to function this polarization it will be over quickly” Mazeto says.

A few meters from Paulista Avenue, some young people pass under a balcony with the hanging brazil flaga symbol of Bolsonarism in these elections. “Bolsonaro out!”one of them yells, looking up. This time nobody answers. Half of the country has taken to the streets, the other half is silent.

Lulism takes over the streets of Brazil: “Only Lula could achieve this”