Lula promises a return to “normality” and “dialogue” in Brazil

While Brazil is marked by strong tensions within its population, the new President Lula has expressed a desire for appeasement for the country.


President-elect Lula met with the heads of the Brazilian Congress in Brasília with a desire to bring peace to the country, cut in two since the presidential election.

LBrazilian President-elect Lula held a series of political talks in Brasilia on Wednesday (November 9th), two months before taking office for a third term, calling for the return of “dialogue” and “normality” in a Brazil cut in half. The icon of the left Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva first met the influential president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, ex-ally of the defeated far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.

“The country needs dialogue and normality,” tweeted Lula, posting a video where we see him being welcomed by Arthur Lira in Brasilia. He was apparently referring to the four years rocked by the crises of Jair Bolsonaro’s mandate and the daggers drawn election campaign that has polarized Brazil. Lula also spoke with the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, in the presence of his future vice-president Geraldo Alckmin, in charge of coordinating the transition team.

Lula, 77, resumed his activities after a week of vacation, following the second round of the presidential election on October 30 which he won just 1.8 points ahead of Bolsonaro. “It is possible to find harmony between the powers, to find the normality of coexistence between Brazilian institutions, which have been abused by the not always recommendable language of certain authorities linked to the government,” he told the press. journalists at the end of the day.

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“Brazil no longer has time to continue fighting”

Priority of Lula’s talks with Congress leaders: finding a way to secure a major budget extension to fund his campaign promises from January 1, when he takes office. One of the solutions considered would be a constitutional amendment, but Geraldo Alckmin insisted that no decision had been made.

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Congressional support will be essential in order to approve exceptional expenditures for the payment of social assistance programs. Lula also met with the President of the Supreme Court, Rosa Weber, and the President of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Alexandre de Moraes, two institutions that have been violently attacked by Bolsonaro. “Brazil doesn’t have time to keep fighting anymore,” Lula said. “The time is not for revenge, rage or hatred. It is time to govern,” he added.

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The transition team was put in place quickly in Brasilia, with in particular the announcement on Tuesday of the choice of a quartet of economists – two liberals and two close to Lula’s Workers’ Party – while Simone Tebet, a centrist who came third in the presidential election, will be responsible for coordinating the social component. Meanwhile, President Bolsonaro, officially still in office, was also in Brasilia, but walled in his palace, invisible and silent for a week.

Lula promises a return to “normality” and “dialogue” in Brazil