Lula cried when talking about hunger in Brazil and pointed against Jair Bolsonaro

During the meeting he held with allied parliamentarians at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB), a building located in Brasilia, where the transition work teamsthe president-elect wept when speaking of his commitment to the fight against hunger in the country.

“If when this period ends, all Brazilians drink coffee, have lunch and dinner, once again I will have fulfilled the mission of my life”Lula said and began to cry while being applauded by those present, reported the G1 portal.

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“I’m sorry, but the point is that I never expected hunger to return to this country. When I left the Presidency of the Republic, I imagined that in the next ten years this Brazil would be the same as France, it would be the same as England, it would have evolved from the point of view of social conquests,” he added.

According to the National Survey of Food Insecurity in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic, more than 30 million people are hungry in Brazil.

Today was the first time that the president-elect visited the CCBB. Since Tuesday he has been in Brasilia, where yesterday he held meetings with the ministers of the Supreme Federal Court (STF)with the president of TSE, and the presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, Arthur Lira Y Rodrigo Pachecorespectively.

Lula accused Bolsonaro of using the Armed Forces in the election

During his speech this afternoon, Lula also took the opportunity to question President Jair Bolsonaro for using the Armed Forces in a “humiliating” way to monitor electronic voting machines.

“Yesterday something humiliating happened, deplorable for our Armed Forces: a President of the Republic, who is the supreme head of the Armed Forces, had no right to involve the Armed Forces in making a commission to investigate electronic voting machinessomething that belongs to civil society, political parties and the National Congress,” said the president-elect.

Lula’s criticisms point to the fact that the current head of state of Brazil used the Ministry of Defense, on which the Armed Forces depend, to channel his attacks against the Brazilian electoral system, by including it in the audit of the election carried out by the Commission of Electoral Transparency of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

The leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) also demanded that President Bolsonaro apologize to the Armed Forces for using the military in this process, and to the Brazilians, for having lied.

“The result was humiliating, humiliating. I don’t know if the president is sick, but he has an obligation to come on television and apologize to Brazilian society and apologize to the Armed Forces, for having used the Armed Forces, which is a serious institution. , (…) presenting a report that says nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing of what he has accused for so long,” he asserted, according to the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.

Specific, Lula referred to the report that the Ministry presented yesterday to the TSE on the results of the audit of the operation of the election system in recent presidential elections, in which, although it suggested some modifications, it did not mention fraud or other crimes.

In any case, the military criticized points that they consider insufficient for what they estimate would be a complete inspection of the process. Ultimately, they did not fully question the system or vouch for its integrity.

The president of the court, Alexandre de Moraesyesterday thanked the Ministry of Defense for sending the report and said that “the TSE reaffirms that electronic voting machines are a source of national pride, and that the 2022 elections demonstrate the efficiency, fairness and total transparency in the calculation of the votes”.

However, far from the controversy surrounding the integrity of the elections being settled, the Ministry of Defense stressed today that its report on the voting system does not exclude the possibility of fraud.

“To prevent the content of the report from being distorted (…) the dedicated work of the team of military technicians in the control of the electronic voting system, although it has not indicated it, does not exclude the possibility of the existence of fraud or inconsistency in the electronic ballot boxes in the 2022 electoral process,” the agency reported in an official statement quoted by the Sputnik news agency.

The text also speaks of the lack of sufficient checks to rule out the possible influence of malicious code capable of altering the system, as well as restrictions on proper access by technicians to the source code (the mechanism that makes the polls work) and to the libraries software developed by third parties.

For all these reasons, the Ministry of Defense recalled that it requested the TSE “urgently” a technical investigation into the codes that were actually executed at the polls and a specific commission of renowned specialists from society and auditing entities.

In another order, Lula asked the supporters of Bolsonaro who are unaware of the election result and are protesting in front of the barracks, demanding military intervention, to disperse.

“They don’t even know what they are asking for. If I could say something to these people, (I would say) go home. Democracy is that, one wins and the other loses,” he said.

And he added: “I only ask people to respect the electoral result, because we won the elections and we are going to recover this country,” he said.

In his speech, the next president praised the highest judge of the TSE, Moraes, for his performance in the electoral campaign,

Lula cried when talking about hunger in Brazil and pointed against Jair Bolsonaro