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[F1] – Good evening dear readers of and welcome back with the appointment dedicated to the direct text of the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix, 21st stage of the Formula 1 world championship. George Russell starts in front of everyone thanks to the first position conquered yesterday in the Sprint. Mercedes monopolizes the front row with the second place of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen starts from third position. Run-up race for Ferrari, with Charles Leclerc starting from the fifth box, Carlos Sainz from the seventh.

Session in progress

Lap 7/71 – We start again, contact in Turn-2 between Verstappen and Hamilton.

Lap 6/71 – At the end of this lap the Safety Car will return to the pits and the Grand Prix will be able to restart. It will not be easy for Russell to manage the restart.

Lap 5/71 – Concern for Leclerc for his power unit, but reassurance on the integrity of the engine comes from the wall. Meanwhile, Albon stopped in the pits and unmarked the hard tire by switching to the medium compound.

Lap 4/71 – The medium tire for now has cost the Ferraris their position over Norris, now fifth with McLaren and started on soft tires.

Round 3/71 – They’re making some arguments in the meantime the words of Hamilton who spoke of manipulation in the final of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021.

Lap 2/71 – Retirement for Ricciardo and Magnussen, this is the top-10: Russell, Hamilton, Verstappen, Perez, Norris, Leclerc, Sainz, Vettel, Gasly and Schumacher.

Safety Car

Lap 1/71 – Ricciardo exaggerated in the mixed section in an attempt to attack Magnussen, the Haas driver spun, in 360 ° C he then hit Ricciardo who ended up against the barriers. Safety Car

Lap 1/71 – Russell gets off to a good start and remains leader, then Hamilton, Verstappen, Perez, Norris, Leclerc and Sainz.


19.02 – The starting line-up is being recomposed, in a few moments the start of the Brazilian Grand Prix, 71 laps scheduled.

19.00 – The drivers leave the starting grid to make the formation lap.

18.58 – In addition to Leclerc and Sainz they start with the averages Magnussen, Schumacher, Stroll, Alonso, Latifi and Tsunoda. Hard for Albon.

18.57 – Here are the tires: soft for the Mercedes and Red Bull drivers, medium for the Ferrari drivers.

18.55 – We will soon find out what choices have been made in terms of tires.

18.50 – At Ferrari the ‘gills’ on the hoods of the two F1-75s seem slightly more open than usual just to cope with the heat.

18.45 – The Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto guest of Sky Sport F1 presented the Brazilian Grand Prix ready to start: “There are 15 ° more in terms of the asphalt temperature than yesterday, so today it is warmer at least at the beginning of the race, then it will cool down. This difference will make the tires that worked well yesterday suffer more today, and consequently the averages can go better. We will have to see which tires the teams choose, but we will be able to see a little of one and a little of the other, and then the strategies can count and make a difference. Carlos will be able to help Charles for the 2nd place in the world championship, as long as he does not compromise in any way the team result, which remains the first goal. If there is a way to help Charles, we will, and Carlos knows this, he is well disposed. Interlagos has always been a track where you can overtake, even more so with these cars and with these DRSs you can overtake well right at the braking point of the first corner. Today there will be new overtaking and race pace will be important, and whoever is fast will find a way to overtake and move forward ”.

18.40 – 24 ° C the air temperature, 50 ° C that of the asphalt.

18.35 – Horner opens to team orders: The main objective is to ensure that Perez arrives in Abu Dhabi ahead of Leclerc in the standings. It will be a very tactical race, it is warmer than yesterday and the cars will be much heavier. If necessary we will resort to team orders “.

18.30Sergio Perez half an hour from the start: “We have made some changes, we’ll see if they are positive. Mercedes and Ferrari were faster yesterday ”.

18.25 – Pit lane open at Interlagos, the cars are lining up on the grid.

18.20 – Horner a Sky Sport F1: “Today it is warmer and more windy than yesterday, and that could make a difference. Yesterday we chose a different tire than the others, and now we have gained an extra set of tires. Mercedes is very fast, they aggressively developed the car, but we hope we can give them a hard time. I’m sure they will be fast. With just one free practice session it is difficult to get the car in place at best, we hope to be able to do better today. The track is warmer, and these Pirelli tires are so sensitive that no one really realizes the difference between soft and medium, it’s really at the limit. It is very important that Perez finishes 2nd in the world championship, it is our goal for this end of the season and today it will be important to beat Charles and make as many points as possible to see what happens in Abu Dhabi. Yesterday Checo did a great job, and today if the conditions were right Max could help him, but the important thing is that they both finish ahead of Leclerc, but I think Max’s help could be more feasible here than in Abu Dhabi.“.

18.17 – Nice moment in the drivers parade: Schumacher accompanied Vettel, the four-time world champion greeted the Interlagos crowd.

18.15 – Verstappen: “We will try. Yesterday was not a good day, but we can learn something. Let’s see what we can do today“.

18.10 – Leclerc: “We had an incredible sprint race and we hope to repeat the experience. My goal is victory“.

18.05 – Russell: “I don’t know how the average will behave today due to the heat and the degradation, but Lewis and I will try to win“.

18.00 – Here are the declarations of the drivers parade. Let’s start with Sainz: “The opportunities are there. It is a 71 lap race and there is a lot of degradation so the GP is open. It is a pity not to be able to start with the former. The strategy is not as simple as it may seem, considering the degradation“.

17.55 – Yesterday we witnessed a spectacular Sprint full of points of interest. Among these also the duels between teammates: sparks in Alpine And Aston Martin.

17.50 – Replacement of the engine, instead, for Esteban Ocon. The Frenchman mounts a power unit that has already entered the rotations in the past, so he does not suffer any penalties. Here all the details.

17.40 – As you can also see from the starting grid, Yuki Tsunoda will start from the pit lane. Here’s why.

17.20 – Let’s start our live broadcast with the starting grid of the Grand Prix.

1st Row 1. George Russell
2. Lewis Hamilton
2nd Row 3. Max Verstappen
Red Bull
4. Sergio Perez Red Bull
3rd Row 5. Charles Leclerc
6. Lando Norris
4th Row 7. Carlos Sainz *
8. Kevin Magnussen
5th Row 9. Sebastian Vettel
Aston Martin
10. Pierre Gasly
6th Row 11. Daniel Ricciardo
12. Mick Schumacher
7th Row 13. Zhou Guanyu
Alfa Romeo
14. Valtteri Bottas
Alfa Romeo
8th Row 15. Lance Stroll
Aston Martin
16. Esteban Ocon
9th Row 17. Fernando Alonso
18. Nicholas Latifi
10th Row 19. Alexander Albon
Yuki Tsunoda **

* penalized by five positions for the replacement of the internal combustion engine
** will start from the pit lane

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