Lifeguards trained in Missions are welcome in Brazil for their professionalism and exclusive training

The summer season is near in the region and there are already several lifeguards who are ready to offer their services on the missionary beaches, but also in those of southern Brazil.

As he told Sergio Balatorre, director of the Posadas Municipal School of Lifeguards, local training is remarkable and that is why several lifeguards decide to work in other countries. In addition, the Provincial School also works.

“Students who graduated from the School have been going to work in Brazil for years. The trend was strengthened by the economic crisis in Argentina and the devaluation of the peso. So it became an attractive offer for lifeguards who have the possibility, ”he recounted in the FM Santa Maria of the Missions.

In fact, last year five went to work in Brazil, of which two are still there, and this year four more will depart from Posadas for Florianópolis. He said that in that country they are welcomed for their professionalism and the exclusive training that takes them a full year and strict evaluation instances. He clarified that this is a differential value, since in Brazil, the applicants receive more than anything an aquatic military training of only three months.

Summer season at the door

Balatorre revealed that “they are not enough” due to the growing demand for lifeguards in the area, and because there are several who choose to work, as mentioned, in Brazil, but there are also those who travel to Spain, Italy and Australia.

“Here the exam that they have to take every year is very demanding and not everyone manages to revalidate. It consists of a swimming test, a rescue test and a first aid test. That is also one of the reasons why there is some shortage, ”he clarified.

In this instance, the director of the Municipal School insisted that the working and economic conditions for the performance of lifeguards must be improved, because it is “difficult and expensive to revalidate the title”, which is something worthy of being recognized.

The fact that many choose to settle in other countries is related to a certain adventurous spirit, but also to the economic context: “it is 50% to live the experience of working in a place with better supplies (jet skis, helicopters, quadricycles) and where there is sea; but it is also about 50% access to better pay, in reais, unlike staying in Argentina”he admitted.

The panorama in Misiones and enrollment in the Municipal School of Lifeguards

Sergio Balatorre highlighted that the beaches in the province were enabled throughout the year and the lifeguards provided their services normally, in addition to some sports tasks. However, when it actually begins to circulate, more people will dedicate themselves only to care and prevention.

Those who aspire to train at the School in 2023, whose title is national in scope, must go to El Brete and complete their data.

It should be noted that They must be at least 18 years old, have completed high school and know how to swim “front crawl” and “breaststroke”Balatorre said.

Lifeguards trained in Missions are welcome in Brazil for their professionalism and exclusive training – First Edition