The event is supported by the Citizen Council of Beaubreuil with the involvement of residents, associations, the House of Human Rights, the social center of Beaubreuil, the city of employment, the local mission.

It is a question of proposing a time of conviviality with the aim of highlighting the values ​​of solidarity, mutual aid, citizenship, respect for the values ​​of the Republic, promotion of living together and openness to the world.

Quartier en fête also aims to promote emerging talents in the neighborhood by giving them visibility beyond the local scale, and promotes the exchange of inter-associative practices. The idea is to bring together the living forces of the district as well as the inhabitants by giving them a space of expression to promote their actions and to link the operators and stakeholders of the territory.

The day will be marked by the intervention of Atia Pankararu, leader of the indigenous Pankararu community in Brazil. The latter is on tour in France with the NGO Thydewa until December 1st. This Brazilian NGO has been collaborating with the House of Human Rights since 2005, and has specialized in culture, education and the appropriation of information with indigenous communities in the Northeast of Brazil before extending more widely its action throughout Brazil and South America.


– All afternoon : games by BVL (Beaubreuil Vacances Loisirs), information stands, couture exhibition (Faouza Ben Alie), Journal de Beaubreuil workshop, photo exhibition by the Ukraïnka association, drawing workshop, sale of cakes, snack bar, make-up, etc.;

– 3:15 p.m.: projection of a film on the activities of the year of the Citizen Council (entertainment, outings, program on the memory of slavery);

– 3:30 p.m.: BVL show with children;

– 16 hours : Ukrainian dance performance;

– 4:30 p.m.: speech by Atia Pankararu, leader of the indigenous Pankararu community (Northeast of Brazil);

– 17 hours : concert by Mahaba Méma Nourou Ndjema (Limoges);

– 18 hours : Ukrainka concert;

– 6:30 p.m.: the local mission presents “Les talents de Beaubreuil”;

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– 19 hours : concert of At the corner of the street;

– 20 hours : shared meal.

Contact: conseilcitoyenbbl@gmail.com

Leisure/social – A Brazilian indigenous leader at the Limoges-Beaubreuil solidarity festival on Saturday November 26