Juve, Allegri closes the defense with the all

The three-way defense with Danilo, Bremer and Alex Sandro is the one that has given the best guarantees so far. At the cost of Bonucci’s sacrifice and the limited time given to Gatti and Rugani

From the BBC made in Italy to the new Brazilian wall. Juve changes skin and increasingly relies on the defensive trio in green-gold tones, close to the world expedition to Qatar with very final ambitions. Bremer’s arrival in Juventus crossed the growing leadership of Danilo but also the last steps in the shadow of Alex Sandro’s Mole: for this reason there is no future for the new package, but the present is rather solid and can arrive quickly. until the end of the season. To date, the DBS is Allegri’s preferred solution, who has often relegated Bonucci to the bench in the first part of the season and granted less space to the other two central squads: Gatti and Rugani.


The new one that advances is Bremer, purchased last summer for a total of 50 million (including bonuses) and thought at the center of the Juventus department for several years. Gleison took the place of De Ligt, but in terms of characteristics he is a bit Chiellini and a bit Bonucci, considering that he has great qualities on man’s marking and performs better as a central pivot of the three-man defense. Paired with Bonucci, at the start of the championship, he seemed to be less at ease, Allegri – when he can – puts him in a position to express himself better between the two compatriots, with whom he also manages to communicate more easily in the delicate moments of the race. He has grown a lot since the beginning of the season, Tite’s call from Brazil for the world championship is the natural consequence of a job done well.


Bremer has found in Danilo the main reference of these months to quickly understand how to fit into a great club. And who better than him, who at Juve is living his full football maturity after wearing the shirts of Real Madrid and Manchester City. It is no coincidence that his centrality within the group appears increasingly evident, and he is the most accredited to wear the captain’s armband in the near future. Bonucci, whose management has clearly changed compared to the last few years, will enter his last year of contract next summer and there is no trace of renewal. On the contrary, the first meetings with Danilo’s entourage direct the speeches to the extension by the will of the club and the player himself: we will talk about it after the world championship.


On the other hand, the adventure of Alex Sandro scrolls towards the end credits. Who has lived as a protagonist of Juventus for seven years but seems to have been waning for at least a couple of seasons. His contract will expire in June, from that moment the club will return to the market to refresh the left-handed lane. In reality, something could be done already in the January session, but it will all depend on any opportunities that arise. For now, what matters is to fully convey his knowledge of the square and the club’s values ​​to the whole group and to the two compatriots in particular. The full-back will no longer push as he once did and as the left arm of the defensive trio he only tries to limit the damage, but he has always won a lot with the black and white shirt on.

Juve, Allegri closes the defense with the all-Brazilian wall