Jeda: Brazil is strong but watch out for the Serbs, a team used to a great game

At “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio, Jeda Neves, former Lecce footballer and current coach, spoke.
Below is an excerpt collected by the editorial staff:

Thoughts on the World Cup? “I’m following the matches, because it’s not so much the competition itself that’s interesting, but the novelty of the period in which it’s being played. We always accept everything for our football passion. This edition is anomalous, above all because it is played in winter, but we are getting used to these changes”.

Brazil-Serbia will be played tonight: what match will it be? “The Serbian national team is a hotbed of talent, a team made up of many talented players who are used to a great game. The Brazilian national team, however, is a very strong team. Considering Switzerland-Cameroon and other matches of African teams, the problem is their ingenuity, because they do many things but achieve nothing. The European national teams, on the other hand, are shrewd, concrete, and take advantage of all the opportunities created.

Experience matters a lot in a tournament like this. Everyone will be glued to watching Brazil on TV, but it’s unfortunate not to see Italy in this unusual competition. A team like the Italian national team is missing, I hope that a similar situation will never occur again “. Maybe the problem is identified in the lack of young talents… “There is a lot of talk about young people in Italy, but unfortunately this argument doesn’t hold up because we don’t really believe in their potential.

This speech ruined the situation, if you really believe in young talents you give them the chance to play… See Germany with Musiala, and owner of the German national team… A 21-year-old boy shouldn’t be considered young, there’s a problem of the median age in Italy. You have to work with these players and believe in their potential.” Opinion on the Primavera championship? “Italy is penalized by this championship, only Juve can count on the Under 23 team.

The transition between the Primavera and the first team is essential, playing with the big players for the youngsters is a precious experience for their growth. These are relevant mechanisms. Dealing with first-team players is essential, something must be done to change this situation. The Primavera championship is currently no longer as competitive as it once was, it doesn’t train the players well, who can hardly take a step forward and play in the first team.

You can’t grow like this, this is a problem for Italy, but the Under 23 teams could be a solution”. Zanoli die model for the growth of young people? “This path should facilitate the growth of young people from the youth sector. If a player is signed from another youth academy of another team it is not good for the club.

Furthermore, there are many foreigners within the youth sectors, and this is another problem to report. I would cover a bit of everything, ineffective laws are created in Italy. If a foreigner has the opportunity to come to Italy and play for the national team, this is a problem related to politics, not football. There is a lot of talk about inclusion, but in the end nothing is ever done.

It’s become more of a business, with no end, but it’s all propaganda. Action is needed to eradicate lawlessness, which kills everyone and is reflected in all sectors. Young people must believe in their potential. In my day there was a belief in young people…”.

Jeda: Brazil is strong but watch out for the Serbs, a team used to a great game