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One of the perhaps most important effects of the Brazilian elections with the Lula da Silva’s robust victory has been the possible collapse of the clan of the president, Jair Bolsonaro. And it is that the extreme right movement, with fascist contours and nostalgia for the old Nazism that had been installed in Brazil, was supported not only by the character of the ex-captain expelled from the Army for indiscipline, but by a family clan. And that clan is fraying, especially after electoral defeat that they did not imagine.

Perhaps Jair Bolsonaro is not even the main actor of the right-wing extremism that had been implanted in the country, but his three sons who are also politicians, the Rio councilor Carlos, considered a genius of social networks, Senator Flavio and the federal deputy, Eduardo, the one most linked to politics and affectively to former US president, Donald Trump. And lately, especially during the last electoral campaign, the current wife of Bolsonaro, (he already had three) Michelle, a fervent evangelical with mystical edges who had remained these years in the anonymity of the family and has awakened with strength, protagonism and possible dreams also of political power in the last elections, unbalancing the clan.

Lula’s unexpected defeat imposed by force and his genius for creating a broad front of democratic parties, something similar to the old Moncloa Pact in Spain and that gave him victory, has disconcerted and begins to crack the Bolsonaro family, until yesterday a pineapple.

The more conservative political forces that had supported Bolsonaro have felt defeated by the victory of Lula and his team, and are already thinking of replacing Bolsonaro as the leader of a non-fascist right with one of the figures of the non-coup right. For example, there is talk of the new governors of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, two bastions of Brazilian politics, while they begin to talk with Lula’s new team in search of a piece of the new power.

The coming to power of Lula with his team, which covers a spectrum that goes from the extreme left to the moderate right and which has given relief to the democratic forces, has immediately weakened the Bolsonaro’s failed attempts to carry out a coup with the national stoppage of truckers and the requests for military intervention. And this because the military turned a deaf ear to these requests and are already talking with the winners of the elections, above all because in the previous Lulista governments, Lula always maintained an open and democratic dialogue with the armed forces.

In the disagreements that have appeared in the Bolsonarista family clan, the possibility of a marital separation between Bolsonaro and his wife Michelle, recently converted to active politics, is even commented on, while Deputy Eduardo, Trump’s personal friend, appears more interested in participating in the world movement. of the new extreme right than to the national fight.

And this is how Bolsonaro can end up feeling alone and betrayed even by his own. And although these days he continues with his mania for trying to contest the results of the polls and dragging the military high command into his dreams of power, he is beginning to understand that he is more alone than he could imagine and that he begins to feel abandoned until for his own clan.

All this cannot be positive for Lula, who, on the contrary, today has the majority of the voters and the euphoria of the democratic forces worried until yesterday that Bolsonaro managed to drag into his coup delusions not only his most faithful followers but also his the mass of Brazilians from which he presented himself as the safeguard of the traditional values ​​of God, Country and Family in his aged edition of an extreme right that, it is true, is growing in the world, but precisely in Brazil it has just been disrupted and with popular enthusiasm for the renovating force and the injection of democratic values ​​that were beginning to falter.

The important thing in this entire chess game of Brazilian democracy that appeared in crisis and in the hands of fascist extremists is that the coup delusions of Bolsonaroism that the ballot boxes seem to have buried are failing every 24 hours, while rapprochement and dialogue between the right-wing political forces that reject any extremist temptation.

The turbulent weeks of political debate in which the Nazi serpent began to rear its head with its street demonstrations and outdated rituals could be summed up in a beginning of political failure that doubles the responsibility of the resurrected Lula.

It is about a political leader who seems to have arrived to dispel the extreme right-wing environment that was beginning to be unbreathable and threatened to poison a people that, with all its problems, remains firm in its vocation for happiness, encounter, illusions and wealth. cultures threatened and despised by the demons of rancid Bolsonaroism that happily begins to unravel like a soap bubble.

Wait to see and with the word the phoenix of old Lula resurrected and called to revive two key words that seemed to have been erased from the dictionary of this country: happiness and hope. And above all the word “hunger”, precisely in a country that continues to feed half the world with its products.

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Is Bolsonaro’s far-right coup clan beginning to crumble in Brazil?