International congress of textiles and clothing starts in Brazil

Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerias, Brazil, will host the seventh edition of the Abit 2022 International Congress, which will take place on November 3 and 4.

This year, the theme of the event is “Strategies for a more sustainable future” and returns to its 100 percent face-to-face format.

Competitive intelligence, market, technology, talent, public policies and investments, sustainability and circular economy are the six panels that make up the meeting, each with the participation of three to four specialist speakers in textiles and clothing.

Organized annually by the Brazilian Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry, Abit, since 2016, the Congress has become the most important event in the sector in Latin Americawhere entrepreneurs from the entire production chain, specialists and authorities from Brazil and the world meet for a great exchange of knowledge, networking and looks.

“It is a time when we can discuss the pillars that will guide our sector and its full development,” says Fernando Pimentel, president of Abit.

“We have a unique opportunity to network, exchange ideas, share information and experiences, do business and work together for the development of our sector. For that we need to work in a network, coordinated with all our unions, federations, chambers of commerce, businessmen, associates and with all our collaborators”, he adds.

This version will feature speakers such as: Sabrina Capozzin from Future Brands, James Wellwood from Urbanic, Rogério Guimarães from Lupo, Henrique Ceotto from Mckinsey & Company, Dirk Vantyghem from Euratex, Giuseppe Gherzi from Gherzi, Braz Costa from CI TEVE, Matheus Fagundes from Audaces, Henry Costa from Renner, Cesar Dohler from Dohler and Henry Cheng from Foxconn, among others.

“The Minas Trend event in its 29th version will be consolidated as the largest fashion business fair in Latin America. The previous edition, in April this year, was a complete success for the participating brands, which closed very good deals. Buyers from all over Brazil and from different countries were impressed with the quality and creativity of the Minas Gerais fashion industry and very satisfied with the purchases they made. Holding the Abit International Congress in parallel to the fair will further enrich Minas Trend, bringing, with its potential and global character, abundant content for the entire productive chain of the segment, in addition to intensifying internationalization”, says Flávio Roscoe, president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Minas Gerais (FIEMG).

Annually, the Abit International Congress attracts top decision-makers and leaders to discuss industry-transforming issues.

Among the speakers who have already participated are names such as Luiza Helena Trajano (Magalu), Fábio Coelho (Google), Fabrício Fudissako (Facebook), Luciana Dedonio (Amazon), Döndü Ünal (Hugo Boss), Rony Meisler (Reserve), Fernanda Romano (Espadrilles) and Laurent Aucouturier (Gherzi Germany), among others.

In the last two years, the event has been reinvented and has continued to be held digitally with IntegrAbit, an important tool for keeping the dialogue open between all the actors in the chain.

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International congress of textiles and clothing starts in Brazil