In Brazil they anticipate a radical change for Rodrygo… that could bring him closer to PSG

Within the world of football and everything that surrounds it, there are some figures that are more important than others. And without a doubt, the agent It is one of the ones that have the most weight in the decisions and transfers of footballers. That is why he was surprised by the news from Brazil, in which he assures that Rodrygo You can break your relations with your current representatives, who have led your career since its inception in Brazil.

The news came from the carioca environment UOL Sportswhich confirmed that, after a disagreement between the agency and the father of the Rodrygo, the relationship could have been left hanging by a thread, ensuring that it was practically impossible for them to resume. So much so, that from the Brazilian media itself they dare to venture who will be the next agency in charge of taking the footballer. And it is that this is the part of the news that has surprised the most, since it is none other than that of the father of neymar.

A change linked to PSG

The relationship between Rodrygo and Neymar has always been very close. In fact, the soccer player real Madrid He has always spoken of the captain of the Brazilian team as his idol, stating that playing alongside him was a dream come true. A dream that he fulfilled putting on his canarinhabut that, from Paris, they would dream of fulfilling both wearing the shirt of the Paris Saint-Germain.

And it is that the hypothetical transfer of Rodrygo to the representation agency of Neymar Sr., would mean a rapprochement between the Real Madrid winger and the psg. An agent who, logically, leads the career of his son. In fact, he was in charge of taking him to Paris when he was wearing the jersey of the barca. And faced with a possible large sum of money involved, he could try to do the same with Rodrygo if he finally ended up in his agency.

It is a fact that relations between PSG and real Madrid They are more than broken from the soap opera kylian mbappe. A rivalry that has extended far beyond the French striker himself. So much so, that the Parisians, Mbappé included, put everything on the grill to frustrate the signing of Aurélien Tchouaméni by the white entity, although the footballer’s willingness to wear white ended up being a decisive factor.

It is because of that Al-Khelaifi could assess the signing of the Brazilian footballer as Neymar’s successor on the right wing, as well as looking for the side effect of weakening Real Madrid. An operation that would be more feasible if the agency on which the soccer player depended was that of the father of neymarputting a large amount of money in between.

The Real Madrid, calm

However, the hypothetical change in Rodrygo’s agent has not made anyone at Real Madrid unfazed. First of all, for contractual reasons. And it is that the Brazilian soccer player still has a contract until June 2025, while his market value according to the portal transfer markt It is 80 million euros. In addition, there has been much speculation in recent months about a more than likely renewal of his contract until 2028.

On the other hand, and the factor that keeps the white team calmer, is the footballer’s decision to succeed in white. Since he landed in Madrid, at just 18 years old, he assured that he had no other goal than to succeed with Real Madrid. And not even when his role in the white team was practically anecdotalhis departure was considered.

In this, his fourth season in white, the Brazilian has already established himself as one of the fundamental pieces of the scheme of Carlo Ancelotti. A role that was won hard with several decisive performances during the last edition of Champions Leaguewhere he was of vital importance for the white team to end up winning La Decimocuarta, and which has allowed the Brazilian to be an indispensable piece for Carletto.

For this reason, although in Madrid they know that they are incapable of competing economically With Paris, from the board of directors they transmit absolute tranquility regarding the majority of the footballers on their squad, in this case, with Rodrygo. And it is that at Real Madrid they are aware that, as demonstrated last summer TchouameniThere are things that not even money can buy.

In Brazil they anticipate a radical change for Rodrygo… that could bring him closer to PSG – Diario Gol