IDB: the Argentine government votes for the candidate of Brazil and keeps two key places

The chances that Cecilia Todesca Bocco was left with the presidency of the Inter-American Development Bank were null: Neither Mexico kept its word to support our country’s candidate, nor did Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva publicly reject the candidate put by Jaír Bolsonaro, as Argentina sought. For this reason, in the election this Sunday in Washington, the government of Alberto Fernández will vote for the Brazilian Ilhan Godlfjanin a negotiation in which he will keep two of the four most important seats in the organization.

Argentina will not fight for the name of Cecilia Todesca Bocco not even in the first round. To do so, he had to have the accompaniment of Mexico and Brazil, in addition to other countries. With the presentation of the foreign ministry official, the management of Alberto Fernández sought to negotiate her name as a consensus candidate, but was unsuccessful.

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The election to designate the holder of the IDB It will be this Sunday the Washington. The 48 member countries must define among five applicants: Todesca Bocco (Argentina), Ilan Goldfjan (Brazil), Gerardo Esquivel (Mexico), Nicolás Eyzaguirre (Chile) and Gerard Johnson (Trinidad and Tobago).

The votes of the countries are counted by the number of shares and those who have the most are USA who owns 30%, Argentina 11% like Brazil Y Mexico 7%. After the dismissal of the American Mauricio Claver-Carone, the government of Joe Biden had warned that if Latin America presented a consensus candidate, he would accompany that name, so for our country it was key to get the votes of Mexico and Brazil.

Weeks ago, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador had assured Alberto Fernández that if Argentina presented a name, he would support it.. However, given our country’s delay in announcing Cecilia Todesca Bocco for the competition, Mexico brought its own candidate. As revealed by PROFILE, the Argentine head of state called him on Thursday from Madrid for his candidate to come down and accompany Todesca Bocco, but he did not get his support.

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The other country with which Argentina tried to negotiate was Brazil. Not with the current President but with the elected one, Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva. Jair Bolsonaro, nominated for the position the current director of the Western Hemisphere of the IMF, Ilan Godlfjan. Lula never endorsed it in public, so our country expected a rejection of her name and her accompaniment to Argentina. But neither did she.

“We are going to vote for Ilan and he will win in the first round,” they admitted from the government of Fernandez. In this negotiation, Argentina does not leave with nothing. She will keep two of the four most important positions in the IDB and, at the request of Argentina, a structure dedicated to gender diversity will also be created, which will be occupied by an Argentine woman.

The places that Argentina will occupy they will be the vice-presidency of Sectors and Knowledge and the Infrastructure and Energy Management. This is 40 percent of the agency’s portfolio.

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IDB: the Argentine government votes for the candidate of Brazil and keeps two key places