“I like to watch PSG, its great players inspire me”, recognizes Endrick, the Brazilian crack

He will not play for Brazil at the World Cup. Neither against Serbia on the 24th, nor against Switzerland and Cameroon in the following matches. Too young. At only 16 years old, Endrick could have beaten the event’s earliness record by accompanying the other stars auriverdebut Tite, the coach, said no.

Whatever, the young striker from Palmeiras, who has already stood out with his club in the Brazilian Serie A, is already arousing the greed of the great Europeans. Including the PSG, which he speaks with kindness in an interview with the magazine So Foot, as well as other subjects, without ever going beyond the correctly thinking.

We thus learn that the native of Brasilia has the two Ronaldos, the Brazilian Fenomeno and the Portuguese star as idols: “These are players who have qualities with which I identify, I have seen them play a lot. I like the speed, the power, how they punch through defenses, and then their winning attitude. What I try to take from them is their composure in the box, use that to score even more goals. »

Of the two, one has not played for a long time, the other is now vegetating at Manchester United before perhaps taking the pill again at the World Cup. So why not mention Neymar Jr, whose style suits him perfectly? “Neymar is a player that I really like! I like watching PSG, Mbappé is very strong, Messi, Marquinhos, classy players. As I told you, I love watching them for inspiration. »

With his thunderous entry into the competition (four appearances including a start, three goals and an assist), Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa has, of course and unwittingly, already made eyes at some Great Europeans. Real is on the spot, like Barça, the Chelsea Blues, and the champion of France.

Even if for those, and the others who will not fail to express themselves, it will not be before the kid’s 18th birthday, in July 2024. In the meantime, the prodigy striker does not give any leads: “I don’t I don’t really have a heart club in Europe. I watch the matches, the Champions League, the Premier League, La Liga, the French league, the Bundesliga. I’m looking to learn from these stars who play in these competitions, see what I can replicate, but I don’t have a favorite club. And then I don’t pay attention to rumours, I know that to play in Europe, I have to perform well here, in Brazil. »

“I have many dreams,” he adds. Afterwards, it’s complicated to answer with certainty (if its future is in Europe, which we strongly doubt). I know what awaits me is in God’s hands. Everything that happens to me will be good if I stay on the straight and narrow, so today I’m focusing on Palmeiras, the present. I look at what is happening in Europe, I know that I want to play the big competitions: Champions League, World Cup, Libertadores. What I want in my life is to be a champion (…) I have to stay focused to make people happy. »

“I like to watch PSG, its great players inspire me”, recognizes Endrick, the Brazilian crack