“I am convinced that there was fraud in Brazil”

Passing through Madrid, the president of the Republican Party and most voted candidate in the first round of the Chilean elections, Jose Antonio Kast, In the editorial office of El Debate, he reviews these months of the Government of Gabriel Boric.

The politician who was one step away from arriving at the Palacio de La Moneda, warns of the influence of the Government of Pedro Sanchez and from Podemos in Chilidoes not believe in the results of the elections in Brazil, is clear about where the dictatorships are in the region, «Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua» and does not rule out that people take to the streets if the Government of Boric it does not change its public policies.

–At the XXIV Catholic Congress and Public Life (CCVP) you claimed the historical legacy of Spain. How do you rate the current links?

– Just as we have a good historical legacy with language, health, education and law, today we are victims, or a laboratory, of what happens in Spain. In Chili we have the same gender norms or even worse: even the birth certificate is modified, which is quite unprecedented. So, in our opinion, this “modern” influence has been very harmful for Chilean politics and public policies.

I do not make a difference between whether someone is heterosexual or homosexual, because the dignity of the person comes first.

–Issues such as gender, the trans law, native peoples, etc., are the ones that reproach them or use to accuse them of lack of sensitivity and of being prone to discrimination. To what do you attribute it?

–Why can’t I present my ideas about what the family is, about what the freedom of parents to teach their children is, about what is the identity of the person, the dignity of the person without being insulted? or come to aggression? I don’t make a difference between whether someone is heterosexual or homosexual, because the dignity of the person comes first. I have never physically assaulted someone, I have never had the intention of assaulting someone, as they say, psychologically and virtually.

If that circumstance occurred (a transsexual son), I would love my son as such, but that does not force me to change reality

–You have nine children, what would you do if one was transsexual?

-Welcome him like a son. If that circumstance occurred, I would love him as such, but that does not oblige me to change reality, to modify the laws, so that my son, in quotes, achieves happiness. Practice has also shown that no matter how much progress is made, modifying the laws to adapt them to this view of society does not achieve the desired effect and generally generates more internal tension and often ends up affecting them beyond what one would like.

We have no problem sitting down to discuss changes to the current Constitution, but within the corresponding institutional framework, which is Congress.

-Your group proposes that the current Congress assume the functions of a Constituent Assembly. If it joined with other formations of the right and center right, could it achieve it?

-That’s right, we would have a sufficient majority, but we also have the support of center-left leaders who rejected the draft of the Constitution. We have no problem sitting down to discuss changes to the current Constitutionbut within the corresponding institutional framework, which is the Congress.

The Government does not want to because it does not have the overwhelming majority that it had before. The president has less than 30% approval, he is very discredited, with real problems such as drug trafficking, immigration, health, education, housing and he considers: we run the risk of losing again.

Many young people who are gay proudly wear the Che Guevara shirt without knowing his history and he was a serial killer, a killing machine.

– What points do you think need to be modified in the Pinochet Constitution, which has already been reformed more than 1,000 times?

–First, the one who claims the current Constitution is Ricardo Lagosformer president, and when told this is the Constitution made by four generals, replies: “Wait a minute, this Constitution I signed it.” Therefore, this must be demystified because the left always builds myths. She built the myth of Che Guevara, who was a serial killer of homosexuals. He hated them, but they built a myth. And today many young people who are homosexual proudly wear the shirt of the Che Guevarawithout knowing their history and was a machine to kill them.

The same thing happened with allende. They still don’t recognize that allende He was the first dictator of that century in Chilisince it was left out of the Congress. The myth of the Constitution of Pinochet it must be faced, but few dare to do so. The same media have installed that. And, if you ask: what should be modified? First, we would have to ask the left and part of the right what they want to change.

Most likely, Lula will last a period and then return to rule the right in Brazil

–Bolsonaro has lost the elections and you are very identified and linked to him. Don’t you think he can harm you?

-No, no, I think so. Bolsonaro has shown in the facts that he increased his vote, that he won in the Parliament, won most governorates. Therefore, there is a twist in Brazil very interesting. He confronted all the mass media, he confronted all the international politics of the left.

He obtained a good result that, in my opinion, is still up for debate. If the election result cannot be reversed through the claims that are being made, it is most likely that Lula last a period and then return to rule the right in Brazil.

Do you think there was fraud?

I am convinced that there was fraud in Brazil, Yes. What has been shown is that there are different series of machines that record the vote. The latest series are accredited and checked so that they cannot divert the vote that when I press 22 44 does not appear.

The initial machines, the oldest ones, were not checked and curiously in the facilities where these machines were operating, the difference between Bolsonaro Y Lula it was abysmal. There was a disproportion in the votes, a rather curious thing, to say the least, in favor of Lula. It will have to be the electoral Tribunal the one that ratifies the result. If so, you will have lost Bolsonaro and we will have to wait four years for the right to regain power in Brazil. (The statements were made before the Supreme Court sanctioned Bolsonaro for contesting the elections)

Cuba is an almost perfect dictatorship, there was Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro and now they have a puppet president: Miguel Díaz-Canel

There is an open debate on the definition of dictatorships. For you, which Latin American countries respond to that term?

–The hardest and the one that affects the rest of the countries is Cuba. Clearly that is an almost perfect dictatorship, because it was Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and now they have a puppet president, Miguel Diaz-Canel. The revolution is exported from Cuba, as they say, but it is not a revolution, it is the dictatorship.

I believe that there is a serious risk in Bolivia that they will move towards that type of government (dictatorships).

And the rest of the countries…

Venezuela It is a drug dictatorship. Today, unfortunately, there is a kind of attempt to launder that drug dictatorship by different international leaders, including Spanish political leaders who have close ties with them.

Nicaragua, which is a dictatorship as such, where religious congregations such as the Little Sisters of Charity have been expelled. In bolivian there are political prisoners, the former president Janine Anez is imprisoned… Therefore, I think there is a serious risk in bolivian that they go to that type of governments. Those are three clear dictatorships.

One always has to fight for freedom, but there is no freedom without security and there is also no investment

–The Chilean press has echoed a poll that warns that Chileans prefer security to freedom. How do you interpret that assessment?

–One always has to fight for freedom, but there is no freedom without security and there is no investment. Without security there is no healthy development of families. Today this (Chili) is the same as in the Wild West, he goes down a road and three cars surround him, they take him to the side and they steal everything, including the car and leave him there…

The value of life in Chile is equal to what someone charges for murdering, which is very low.

–…Former President Sebastián Piñera referred to Chile as an “oasis” until…

–The value of life in Chili It is equal to what someone charges for murder, which is very low. We have hitmen that we have never known before, drug trafficking, Mexican cartels, criminal organizations that are dedicated to human trafficking, the theft of wood, the theft of minerals, fish… Therefore, the situation in Chili It is serious in terms of insecurity.

-To whom do you attribute the responsibility of this wave of uncontrolled immigration, violence, drug trafficking…?

–Clearly, to the criminals. On the other hand, to the guarantee policies of the left and the bad policies of the governments of the right, which in this case have been from the same president: sebastian pinera. He carried out good economic policies, he is a good manager but a very bad politician. You also have to look at a right that has given up on certain principles for convenience. This is what happened to a large part of the countries when the wall of berlin and we feel like we won. With the left, one can never say: we won because the left is constantly rearranging, reorganizing, reconsidering itself and generating conflicts where there were none before.

–Do you link it to what happened in October 2019 in Chile?

-When that pseudo revolution of October 5th occurs, I asked the president to declare the state of exception that was to request help from the Armed forces to reinforce the police and avoid a disaster. She decided that his grandson’s birthday was more important that day. The result is clear: two days later he decreed a state of emergency, when it was too late, when the violence had grown and the citizens legitimately came out to demonstrate. That ended in a political agreement for peace and the new Constitution. And the only ones who rejected that agreement were us, who said: you cannot reach a peace agreement and a new Constitution with a gun on the table. That is a spurious agreement that was not carried out in freedom. Time has proved us right.

The majority of the Mapuche people are a peaceful people, who want order, who want peace, but there are also terrorists

–How would you solve the problem of the violent Mapuches in Araucanía?

–I try not to say that the Mapuches are violent, they are terrorists who have no flag and no homeland. The majority of the Mapuche people are a peaceful people, who want order, who want peace. In the presidential elections he voted overwhelmingly for me, who am the antithesis of what the left says he is.

In the constituent plebiscite we obtained more than 75% of the votes in the areas of the araucania, since this was supposedly an indigenous constitution. It is a covert revolution, it is the use of force by the left. To the extent that you apply the law and recover the rule of law, peace will return.

We are never going to ask Boric to leave, but clearly he has to change the course of how he is leading the country.

–Could Gabriel Boric not finish the government?

–I hope you finish it because I want the institutionality to prevail. When sebastian pinera I had the approval ratings he has today, I was asking him to leave. We will never ask Boric to leave, but clearly he has to change the course of how he is leading the country, because I would not be surprised if at some point the public begins to demonstrate against his public policies.

-For the reason the force, as in the shield of Chile…

But first comes the reason. So I hope that we always appeal to reason and democracy, which is the way through which we are going to defeat the current left-wing government.

“I am convinced that there was fraud in Brazil”