Heartbreaking: In Brazil, a newborn was thrown into a river; her crying allowed the rescue

A baby, only hours old, was found by locals in a river in São Lourenço da Mata, in the Brazilian Greater Recife. The minor had been abandoned and, according to preliminary reports, she still had the umbilical cord that was badly cut. Against all odds she managed to survive.

Residents of the sector told the authorities that they saw a man on a motorcycle throw a suitcase from a bridge. The events were recorded this Thursday –November 17– and, once the backpack fell, the crying of the baby alerted the residents to his presence. The Military Police stated that, due to the state of the little girl, she only had a few hours to live.

Around 8.30 in the morning (of that day), the locals communicated with the authorities and; Later, the little girl was transferred to the Petronila Campos Hospital. There, the medical personnel indicated that he had stabilized and that he did not show signs of any injury from the fall or prior to his launch; a different scenario from when he barely entered the care center.

“I was already cold and very ‘purple’. She arrived wrapped in the shirts of the people who rescued her. She had no signs of injury, trauma, or any kind of violence, but her temperature was well below ideal. There was amniotic fluid in her head,” explained the doctor who received her, Nicolle Galiza, according to what was reported by the newspaper G1.

miraculously survived

The doctor in charge expanded the conditions in which the minor arrived. Among the first actions, there was an order for her to undergo various tests; the foregoing, in order to rule out that she had contracted an infection since there was no clarity about the mother’s prenatal care. Once safe, and after emergency procedures, the baby was placed in an incubator.

“There was nothing to prevent bleeding, we clamped the cord. It’s amazing that she didn’t lose blood, because when there’s no clamping, the baby loses blood. Indeed, she was born a few hours ago, ”added Galiza.

In accordance with G1his custody is now in charge of official institutions, and until Friday – November 18 – no parent or relative had appeared as responsible at the police station. It was estimated that she would be discharged on Saturday for her adoption process. The hospital staff indicated that, before her departure, they were giving her “all the love.”

Meanwhile, an investigation is already open to clarify who was behind the abandonment and what the motivations were. The Brazilian media highlighted that, in three years of office, the guardianship spokesman, Gê Cardoso, had never witnessed a similar case of abandonment.

no one asked about the baby

“The police are investigating, but we still haven’t heard from them, and no one has shown up at the town hall. She enters foster homes and is at the mercy of the Judiciary. Due to her age, she will probably enter the adoption program soon, and there is already a queue of people who want to adopt, in the Acolher program, ”commented Cardoso.

One of the UNICEF reports reveals that, globally, at least 2.7 million children reside in orphanages and children’s institutions. For the agency, it is only the “tip of the iceberg”, given the lack of data and precision in some territories.

An investigation by this United Nations office concludes that difficulties between families, failures in the health systems and poverty are among the reasons why minors have to be transferred to care centers.

Heartbreaking: In Brazil, a newborn was thrown into a river; her crying allowed the rescue