Haiti will strengthen its Armed Forces with assistance from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

Haiti will train the personnel of its Armed forces and it will create new military units thanks to the assistance provided by Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. This was announced by the Haitian Minister of the Defending, enold josephon November 18, on the occasion of commemorating the 219th anniversary of the Battle of Vertenimiento Y Armed Force Day.

Joseph, in his speech, pointed out that, in order to strengthen the structures of the military institution, the Ministry of Defence and its “international partners” have undertaken various cooperative initiatives, referring to some planned programmes.

National Guard

The Minister of Defense of Haiti highlighted the charities of the Haitian-Mexican Military Cooperation Program. In this sense, he informed that the contingent of 150 military personnel that was sent to Mexico, on October 8, to train for more than six weeks and that has just returned to their country, will join the new National Guard Unit. as reported defenseless.comthis last group of Haitian soldiers left for Mexico, once another group of 29 troops returned, who were trained as instructor-monitors in the Special Forces Training Center of Army Mexican.

Joseph, highlighted the scope of the assistance received from Mexico in military matters, which has included, in addition to what was previously indicated, seminars on different topics, as well as various training cycles, including the training of a class of 250 soldiers and fifty non-commissioned officers.

In the same way, he pointed out that a new stage of training will soon begin that will include, among others, the following specializations: drone operators, anti-guerrilla techniques, elite shooters, security closure, use of explosives in road construction and General Staff Course.

Scholars to Argentina

Likewise, Joseph asserted that a protocol of Defense Cooperation with the Argentine Republic. To this end, he revealed that, starting in February 2023, 18 Haitian scholarship recipients will train at six Argentine military schools.

He also recalled that a cadet is trained as an officer in the Military Naval Schooland a cash in the Navy NCO Schoolfrom that South American country, as also reviewed Infodefensa.com.

Military engineers in Brazil

Likewise, the minister reported that talks are underway with Brazil regarding the training of 400 soldiers to expand the Military Engineering Corps.

The Army Haitian plans to deploy engineering units in the Greater North and Greater South to respond more effectively and faster in case of disasters.

military farms

Finally, Joseph referred to other plans such as the future opening of the agricultural school in Belladere, as well as the start-up of the Colora and Malta Peralte agricultural farms, explaining that the soldiers deployed in these outposts will receive training in agricultural techniques in order to support farmers in the surrounding areas.

As we have been reportingHaiti is in the process of rebuilding its military organization that was dismantled in 1995 by the then president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. In that order, in October 2011, the Ministry of Defense was reestablished and, later, in November 2017, the Armed Forces.

Haiti will strengthen its Armed Forces with assistance from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico