Gustavo Bolívar opens the controversy over the presidential elections in Brazil: “Today the last fascist in Latin America falls at the polls”

The senator of the Historical Pact recently indicated that he would leave politics once his term as president of Congress ends

A few hours before the next president of Brazil is defined, between the far-right Jair Bolsonaro and the leftist Luis Ignacio Lula da Silvathe senator of the Historical Pact, Gustavo Bolivarexpressed on his Twitter account a message that may suggest support for Lula:

This expressed on Twitter.
This expressed on Twitter.

The senator, who for several years has shown his unconditional support for the current president of Colombia, Gustavo Petroand who was also fundamental in his electoral campaign, said that “today the last fascist in Latin America falls at the polls” and published a photo with several former presidents of the region with a red ‘x’.

The former presidents who appear in the photo, in order, are: Lenin Moreno (Ecuador); Ivan Duque (Colombia); Sebastian Pinera (Chile); and Mauricio Macri (Argentina); Jair Bolsonaro also appears, who is still president of Brazil. All of them were characterized by having ideologies closer to the right, and also by having been succeeded by leftist leaders. It should be remembered that the presidents of the nations currently mentioned are: Guillermo Lasso, Gustavo Petro, Gabriel Boric, and Alberto Fernández; If Lula Da Silva is victorious at the polls, the most important countries in the region would have leftist governments.

The latest survey by the Datafolha Institute indicated that Lula maintains a narrow advantage over the president of 4%; 52% of those surveyed indicated that they will vote for him, while 48% for Bolsonaro. It should be remembered that the polls before the first round gave the leftist candidate a wider margin, but he only led his competitor by 5%.

Both candidates are confident of their victory, while Bolsonaro He said before casting his vote in Rio de Janeiro: “God willing, we will be victorious this afternoon. The expectation is victory”, Silva said: “the Brazilian people will vote for a project in which democracy will win”, before voting in Sao Paulo.

A surprise announcement was made last week Gustavo Bolivar: give up to his seat. In statements collected by the newspaper El Tiempo, Bolívar said that he will step aside from the legislative world once he finishes his term as president of Congress, which he has not started yet, because he needs to return to his economic activity.

“I don’t feel comfortable because I have to go back to my old life very soon. I have a huge tax gap and I can’t get to one of those points. If I were corrupt, here in the presidency of the Third Commission I would make a ticket, but I came to change that, to defend positions”, he told the magazine Semana.

Then he added that initially he did not want to return to Congress, but he did so because of a request that Gustavo Petro made to him when they were still campaigning.

“Rule out the fact that I’m here for four years, I had said I didn’t want to come back, but President Petro asked me to head the list and I accepted it with the commitment to be here for a short time and President Petro knows it,” he said.

He revealed that the reason for his decision is that his personal assets are at risk since he is a senator, since expenses are greater than income and this would be creating a hole in his finances. For this reason, she wants to dedicate herself to television and cinema again in order to recover financially.

“I would like to approve the tax reform and the large projects that come through my commission. The budget went well and the other is the royalties that we presented. Later, the National Development Plan. So after leaving those things done, I plan to move away, take a step to the side, because I can’t keep sinking, because it is the patrimony of the whole family,” Bolívar said.


Gustavo Bolívar opens the controversy over the presidential elections in Brazil: “Today the last fascist in Latin America falls at the polls”