From Campania to Brazil the IUDAV university for ‘Gaming and Metaverse’

SOLOFRA (Av) – The University of Videogames and Animation flies to Brazil IUDAV, to create a high-level training course in “Gaming & Metaverso” in synergy with the University of Rio de Janeiro. An experience that starts from Campania to export the talent of young people and made in Italy creativity abroad, to develop cultural interconnections across the new frontiers of digital visual communication.

“We were the first to believe in the potential of videogames with an avant-garde structure. A challenge born about ten years ago from Irpinia – underlines Don Patrizio Coppola, better known as Father Joystick, founder of IUDAV – From the headquarters, located in the Municipality of Solofra, we communicate with the whole world. We record very high percentages of post-graduate employment placement: 95% of IUDAV students find work within one year of graduation, while the best are also included during the academic year in projects with fixed-term employment contracts. It is a highly stimulating study environment, supported by professional teachers and tutors. Videogames, but also cinema, visual arts, direction, storytelling, communication. That idea, born in 2008 and implemented in 2012, initially considered almost utopia due to its futuristic character, today represents the future, with very high employment rates. Today IUDAV VHEI is a consolidated academic reality “.

The spread of digital, game consoles, tablets and smartphones has in fact developed hand in hand with the exponential progress of the technologies that support them.

“Advertising, cinema, television, video games, interactive installations have, in turn, created a strong demand in the labor market, causing a large-scale growth in the development of Digital Arts in various business sectors: from corporate communication to eLearning, from multimedia entertainment to particular therapeutic paths – continues Father Joystick – Today the videogame dynamics and the animation components are crucial for every multimedia product. Technical skills are essential to respond to contemporary challenges. With the Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Courses in Digital Arts we train the leaders of the future of animation, who are also in demand abroad ”.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in Digital and Visual Arts, with different addresses, including cinema, videogames and animation. And more advanced training courses in Game Design and Game Development, to learn about the most advanced and innovative software, to form heterogeneous profiles, based on the personal inclinations of the learners.

A course of study that articulates all the phases from conception, to production, to advanced programming: complementary didactic modules ranging from digital illustration and visual narration to script, to the design of a storyboard, to film criticism, to sound techniques . And still soundtracks and dubbing, 3D graphics, advanced 3D graphics for video games, up to directing, photography or film making.

“New technologies are the future of a total change in our habits. It is a highly competitive and selective sector, always looking for new professionals, as evidenced by two of the largest Board Jobs dedicated to video games and animation – insists Father Joystick, who also uses the new frontiers of digital as a means of communicating. with generation Z, with a declination in a social perspective – We are proud to bring the teaching methodology that we have developed also in Brazil. Academic confrontation is always exciting: we open up new scenarios and create the conditions for new innovations. We anticipate the future ”.

From Campania to Brazil the IUDAV university for ‘Gaming and Metaverse’ – Sud Notizie