Freedom of the press continues in a “critical” state in Brazil

The situation of press freedom in Brazil continues in a “critical state” due to the countless offenses against journalists, mostly from President Jair Bolsonaro, his allies and his family, according to the latest report from the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA). ) disclosed this Sunday.

According to the IAPA, the situation “even worsened” with the start of the electoral campaign before the first round of the presidential elections, with millions of offensive messages against communication professionals, especially women.

The report alludes to data released by the organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) according to which since August 16, when the electoral campaign began in Brazil, 2.8 million messages with content offensive to journalists have been recorded, the majority in digitally, through social networks.

Of that total, 86% was against professional women from the area and the main victim during the campaign was the journalist Vera Magalhaes, a columnist for the newspaper O Globo and the CBN station and presenter for TV Cultura, who was personally offended by Bolsonaro during the campaign. first televised debate of the candidates before the first round.


The IAPA report also refers to the alerts collected by the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) according to which of the total alerts collected this year (353), 81 were serious cases “with physical violence, material destruction of equipment of work, threats and murders”.

Freedom of the press continues in a “critical” state in Brazil