France, Brazil… Spain’s possible path to the final in Qatar 2022

11/21/2022 at 16:57


The ‘Red’ will look for their second star in this World Cup and, depending on their position in the group, they could have very different crosses until the final.

The selection led by Luis Enrique She is coming off two disappointing performances in her last World Cups, although she is among the favorites to win.

Is it convenient for Spain to be first in the group? Would she have an easier draw if she is second? We answer these questions and break down the two scenarios that the Spanish team could face.

The possible rivals of Spain in Qatar 2022 if it is first in Group E

First, the national team will have to leave behind Germany, Japan and Costa Ricabut in the event that it succeeds, the first crossing could be a reissue of the round of 16 of the last Eurocup.

Spain would see the faces with Croatia. The first of Group E will face the second Group Falso composed of Belgium, Canada and Morocco, in addition to Luka Modric’s team. In Euro 2020, Luis Enrique’s men beat the Croats 5-3 in a match that went to extra time.

The ‘coconut’ would come in the quarterfinals. If the predictions come true, Brazil it would be the rival of Spain in search of a ticket to be among the best four. Both teams have not seen each other in a World Cup since 1986when the ‘Canarinha’ won by the minimum in a clash corresponding to the group stage.

The rival for the semifinals could be both Netherlands What Argentina. The ‘Red’ has faced the Dutch in two of the last three World Cups, while against the South American team they only did so once, 46 years ago in England with a defeat by a single goal.

Finally, if Spain manages to get into the second final in its history, its opponent could be France, reigning world champion. To do this, the Frenchmen would have to be first in the group, and thus they would go to the other side of the box, coinciding with Portugal either Englandother of the candidates to be finalists.

  • Expected crosses if the Spanish team is first in the group: Croatia, Brazil, Argentina, France.

The possible rivals of Spain in Qatar 2022 if it is second in Group E

In the event that Luis Enrique’s team has to face the qualifiers accessing as second classified, the path is quite different.

To begin with, the first rival in the round of 16 would be Belgiumas long as they are champions of Group F. The red devils were the executioner of Spain in 1986 after a penalty shootout, although four years later there was revenge and the ‘Red’ beat the Belgians in the first round by the minimum.

Already in the quarterfinals, Portugal would be the hypothetical rival. The Portuguese team, which yearns for its first star, already crossed the path of Spain in South Africa 2010when a goal from Villa was enough to advance to the next round.

If Spain reaches the semifinals, France either England they start as the favorites to be the rival of the ‘Red’ in search of the final. If nothing out of the expected happens, these two teams would meet in the quarterfinals and the opponent for Luis Enrique’s team would emerge from there.

And we could live an unprecedented final. Spain would have many ballots to see their faces with a South American team. Forecasts indicate that Argentina Y Brazil, two of the favorites in Qatar 2022they would meet in the semifinals and from there the other finalist would come out who would fight to add a new star on his chest.

  • Expected crosses if the Spanish team is second in the group: Belgium, Portugal, France, Brazil.

France, Brazil… Spain’s possible path to the final in Qatar 2022