Football, World Cup 2022: South America has not won for 20 years. Will Brazil or Argentina break European hegemony?

Sunday November 20th the match Qatar-Ecuador will officially open XXII edition of the World Cup. Instead, to see the first big names take the field, we will have to wait for the following day, when it isEngland that theHolland will play their opening match against Iran and Senegal respectively. As usual, the themes around the tournament are really several, nevertheless there is one of a purely geographic which deserves to be explored.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented sequence from European claims, unprecedented in the almost century-old life of the event. The last victory of a South American team dates back to 20 years agowhen the Brazil won the World Cup played between Japan and South Korea. This edition, just like the one back then, is held in Asia. Of course, in a completely different place compared to the one held in the Far East, but the continent is the same. Is that auspicious?

Indeed, for decades the top football tournament was strongly territorial. From the 1930 to the 2006 we had a repetitive and glaring dynamic. When the World Cup was played in Europe, a European won them, while if they were staged in another continent, then a South American triumphed. The rule had one exception, the 1958, when Brazil prevailed over Sweden. It is no coincidence that Seleçao, in which Pelé, Vavà, Garrincha, Didì and Zito were side by side, entered the legend as one of the strongest teams ever.

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In any case, the alternation has been almost perfect for three quarters of a century. In the III millenniumHowever, Something is changed. In the 2010 there Spain made history by becoming the first national team from the Old Continent to win a World Cup played outside Europe (Africa, in this case). After that in 2014 there Germany he broke the curse that wanted the Europeans to always be beaten when the World Cup was played in the Americas. The roll of honor from 2006 onwards reads “Italy, Spain, Germany, France”. Situation, as mentioned, never occurred before and exacerbated by the fact that in this period well three out of four finals were all European (only Argentina in 2014 prevented some kind of monopoly).

Assuming that Europe or South America will win again in 2022, the question is whether the dominance of the Old Continent is set to continue. It is no mystery that i bookmakers indicate Brazil And Argentina Which main favourites for ultimate success. Generally, those who have to do business with betting see well with the odds. Nonetheless, we know well that in football nothing is ever taken for granted and the competition of France, Spain and England (just to mention three “random” national teams) is particularly fierce. The answer to the above question will come around the December 18thday of the final.

Photo: La Presse

Football, World Cup 2022: South America has not won for 20 years. Will Brazil or Argentina break European hegemony?