Fiorentina, Milenkovic is excited: “Serbia is strong and Brazil knows it too. Many Italians will cheer for us, especially in Florence”

A few days ago the defender of the Florentine and of Serbia Nikola Milenkovic gave a long interview to the servo portal sports, in which he had the opportunity to take stock of the situation of this first part of the championship with the Viola and what his expectations are for the next World Cup. These are his words:

“Fiorentina’s current ranking position doesn’t satisfy us. We want to place ourselves higher and conquer a place in Europe. We believe it will be like this, and that we will continue the growth process. The Milenkovic-Jovic Terzic trio? It’s hard to separate us. All kidding aside, we really mean a lot to each other. On and off the pitch. And we often speak in Serbian, especially when it comes to swear words…“.

THE VISIT OF THE CT. “Coach Stojković came to visit us in Florence and we talked about everything. It is very good that such a relationship exists. As for the anecdotes, well, there would be several, but not really for the public. Jovic was not allowed to order dessert at the end of the meal in front of him. I’m joking, obviously. We have a great relationship with the coach, so it’s easier for us in some ways when that’s the case. Everything is great, really. Your support in terms of visits means a lot, because it gives us energy. So I thank him for everything and this is reflected in the good results of the national team“.

WORLD CUP – “I am honored to take part in my second World Cup. We are all ready for the new World Cup. The high expectations of the fans? They can create pressure, but they can also be a push. The support of the nation is great and I am happy about it. The game is now easier and more beautiful, I just hope that the support is strong in the stands as well. This is what, let’s say, we’ve always been missing. The difficult debut with Brazil? The Brazilians know that Serbia is strong. What about them, yes, they are certainly one of the national favorites to win the World Cup, but it certainly won’t be as easy for them as it was in 2018. We lost there 2-0, I think now they could significantly change the course of the match, and therefore the result. I truly believe it. It’s not a national team that can be threatened, nor would I, but we will certainly enjoy playing. We also often joke with the Brazilians from Fiorentina: they are convinced they will win the competition, and we tell them that maybe they will, but they won’t win in their first game. After the World Cup, I have no other commitments, we’ll see. For now, I’m only focusing on Fiorentina and the national team. And for later, we’ll see. Let’s first try to get good results on all fronts, and then everything will be easy.”

THE RELATIONSHIP WITH VLAHOVIC – “He and I have been inseparable since we’ve known each other, since Partizan. We have always been inseparable in the national team and at Fiorentina, even roommates. Of course he’s missing, miracles would be done with him. But it is important for him that he has taken a step forward in his career. He is already in the top five strikers in Europe and is only 22 years old. He still has all the time on his side, he can improve a lot. The Italians are jealous that we go to the World Cup. Many tell me that they will support Serbia. As for life in Florence, it’s beautiful, even if we have little free time. We play tournaments every three or four days, so football is always on top.”

Fiorentina, Milenkovic is excited: “Serbia is strong and Brazil knows it too. Many Italians will cheer for us, especially in Florence”