Fictions of terror in the Southern Cone and in Brazil: recent representations (Revue Amerika n° 26)

Following the international symposium sponsored by the Gentner-Minerva Foundation, which took place from September 19 to 22, 2022 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, we are pleased to launch this call for papers on recent terror fiction in the Cone South and Brazil.

In Latin America, violence is pervasive and there is fear and anguish in experiencing it, and these emotions are contagious. Fear and anxiety are intrinsically linked to terror, which can manifest itself both collectively and individually. Many authors address issues such as politics, family, violence, poverty, public safety, social radicalization, the body and the status of women through terror.

Many literary texts (novels, short stories, comics, graphic novels, dramas, poetry), feature films and short films of terror critically question the social state, and their terrifying effect lies mainly in the fact that these texts don’t have a happy ending or an ending at all. The sinister, the monstrous, the terror, the horrifying mystery, etc. persist, which means they can reappear at any time.

We invite you to send your contributions to this dossier with an analysis that takes into account one or more of the following aspects of terror fiction.

– What is the difference between horror and terror?

– Is it a genre or a mode of narration?

– What is its relationship with European Gothic?

–What are the points of contact between terror and the fantastic, magical realism and/or the marvelous reality?

– What are the events that generate terror and what is the relevance of the reference to a factual reality in the fiction of terror?

–What emotions are produced by terror fictions?

–What are the narrative strategies (terror as ‘disruptive narration’, Schlickers 2017: La narración perturbadora…), which go beyond the semantic level?

– What is the relationship with the suspense?

–What are the causes of its rise in the literature of the Southern Cone and Brazil; what are its specificities?

– What functions do these fictions fulfill?

–Does terror require an ethical stance on the part of the implicit reader?

Paper proposals should be a maximum of 15-20 pages. They can be written in Spanish, French, English or Portuguese. The standards for the presentation of articles can be found in our journal Amerika, section “Instructions for authors”.

Abstracts and papers should be sent to this address:

Fictions Of Terror Southern Cone And Brazil symposium-jer[at]

Review Amerika nestorponce35[at], anais.fabriol[at], amerika[at]

We also accept contributions for our Blends, Miscellaneous, Interviews and Reports sections.

Deadline for sending abstracts: February 1, 2023

Deadline for sending articles: May 1, 2023

Publication: end of June 2023

Multilingual call is searchable here.

Fictions of terror in the Southern Cone and in Brazil: recent representations (Revue Amerika n° 26)