Ferrari invents with Leclerc… and fails

yesand something is clear at this point in the film is that charles leclerc It’s very good at one turn. This year he has no fewer than 9 pole positions (a total of 18 throughout his career). Well, the 25-year-old pilot yesterday suffered a new strategy error in his flesh. ferrari what is your strong point. The Monegasque came out in the decisive round of qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix with the intermediate tires despite the fact that the asphalt seemed to be very dry (his rivals came out, logically, with the soft ones). And the result was logical: total disaster. Acab 10. Today try in the sprint race to remedy the failure of his squad. The ’16’ is playing the runner-up with Czech Prez (He is third with 275 points compared to 280 for the Mexican).

After the initial fiasco at the Interlagos circuit, Leclerc confessed with a point of resignation: “We were expecting a bit of rain which didn’t come. Talking to the team and trying to understand what we can do better in those conditions, but I’m extremely disappointed, the pace was there.”. And, immediately afterwards, he added in these statements to ‘Sky Sports F1’: “I accepted the decision to go out with the intermediates and then I just waited for the rain, which never came“.

The Monegasque was last in Q3, but hopes to sign a epic comeback. “We still have the car, but now we have to get in there and do everything right for the rest of the weekend,” he warns.

Leclerc’s ironic “great”

But the truth is that the radio conversations did show a lot of tension. They have already failed Leclerc on more than one occasion (so what happened this year in Monaco and Silverstone soon comes to light). At one point they tell him to go to the pits… when he can no longer get into the pit lane. The Monegasque had pointed out that he was going around with some rubber bands that did not work for him because “it is not raining at all”. When confirmed from the wall that everyone has completed their dry lap, Leclerc sarcastically replies: “Fucking beautiful”. And before the ’16’ had asked if he was the only one with intermissions and Ferrari in which they expected the liquid element from one moment to another they pointed out: “Yeah, we think you’re the only one with those tires”. So I ran with intermediates without any water falling and went in to put on the soft when it started to rain.


The excuse of the ‘Scuderia’

For its part, Ferrari defended itself as pruning after the blunder. “It’s a bit frustrating, we had both cars in Q3 and we were faced with a tough decision. On the one hand you have the track still dry and there’s a rule of thumb that says you have to go for that track while it’s dry; On the other hand, we expected heavy rain. At the end of the day, we have divided our strategies. You always know that, depending on the exact moment when it rains, there will be a happy pilot and another unhappy. That is exactly what happened. The rain was probably a minute or two too late for Charles., and it was the right moment for Carlos, who was second on the track. So it has been and we have a fifth position and a tenth, but it is the beginning of a long weekend”, stressed Laurent Mekies, racing director of the ‘Scuderia’.

learn for the future

Be that as it may, this strategic error is not something new at Ferrari. It is not something punctual. It is true that the F1 World Championship is already resolved. Max Verstappen has won the Drivers and Red Bull the Constructors. It only remains to know who wins the last two appointments… and who is the runner-up. And what the Italian team has to learn is not to screw it up because if he wants to win the title again (something he hasn’t done since 2007 when he conquered it Kimi raikkonen) must stop failing in the tactical aspect and in the ‘pit-stops’. This time it was Leclerc’s turn to suffer, but Carlos Sainz He has also had his own… Let’s remember the mythical ‘stop inventing’ directed at the wall when they were asking Madrid for something that would have prevented his first victory in F1.

Ferrari invents with Leclerc… and fails