Feat in the air: man in Brazil walks a rope between two static balloons

A man of Brazilian origin He demonstrated once again that he is not afraid of heights and that his balance allows him to set challenges that very few in the world would dare to assume.. In his last demonstration, he left netizens surprised with his ability.

Rafael Bridi is a famous slackline athlete, or also known as “taut tape”, this discipline bets on the development in its maximum expression of balance in people. On this occasion, his demonstration would have two hot air balloons as protagonists.

Bridi of Brazilian origin had already achieved the distinguished Guinness record for the highest recorded slackline walk. At that moment Rafael crossed between two hot air balloons at 6,336 feet, this impressive hike took place at Praia Grande in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Despite having fulfilled his dream of imposing a world brand, Rafael Bridi wanted to pay homage to his hometown of Florianópolis, making the same presentationbut this time over the skies of his land.

The stressful act was recorded from all angles, since it was sponsored by a prestigious camera brand who did not miss a detail about what Rafael Bridi was doing in the heights.

In the video you can see how the athlete achieves his goal by walking over the impressive landscapes of his city and with optimal weather conditions.

The location we chose provides very good conditions for ballooning. And we have all these pilots here doing unique flights, flying over canyons above the clouds.”, Rafael Bridi pointed out to public opinion.

In addition, the Brazilian also holds the world record for the longest tightrope walk over an active volcanoaccording to Guinness World Records.

Slacklining is a sport that is gaining more and more strength in the world, although it is not easy to face the challenge of this discipline at heights, talent and passion always prevail. Which is why incredible brands such as Bridi’s are achieved.

Almost lost a leg from overexertion

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles, with the consequent consumption of energy.

However, overdoing sports also has its consequences. This was the case of Kaelyn Franco, a 23-year-old girl who was used to exercising from a very young age, but her life changed when she took her first spinning class.

Despite the fact that this woman was in excellent condition, it was not an impediment for her to your body will develop rhabdomyolysis, a condition that can leave permanent sequelae and even threaten your own life.

Through his Instagram account, Franco told his followers about the tragic situation that he experienced since last September 15, 2021, after finishing the aforementioned physical activity.

“As someone who has played sports my whole life, I found it very strange that my legs immediately buckled when I got off the bike. I felt like I couldn’t move. My cousins ​​laughed at me, but they knew something was wrong,” he began.

Kaelyn, barely got off the bike 45 minutes into the spinning session, He noticed that his weakened legs couldn’t stand up, he cried from the pain, and he decided the next day to go to Wellesley Hospital, located in Newton, Massachusetts on Washington Street.

I had to have emergency surgery to save my leg and my life. My rhabdomyolysis turned into acute compartment syndrome and the doctors had to go in and remove the muscle that was breaking down in my bloodstream.“Franco assured.

Feat in the air: man in Brazil walks a rope between two static balloons