F1 today in Brazil: schedule and grid of the Sprint race, where to watch it on TV and online

Formula 1 faces its final stretch with two consecutive Grand Prix. The first of them is held at the Interlagos circuit, in Sao Paulo. It is also the last one with Sprint format, so important things are going to happen every day.

The Sao Paulo Grand Prix The last double of the season begins, which will serve to end a year 2022 that has been very intense, but in which Max Verstappen and Red Bull have ended up dominating without discussion.

In fact, the last victory for a car not belonging to the Anglo-Austrian team is that of Charles Leclerc precisely at Red Bull’s home race, which was held in early July. Will Ferrari or Mercedes be able to break that streak of nine wins consecutive?

In Brazil it can happen, since it is an event in which unexpected things tend to happen. Even more so this year, as the Interlagos circuit will host the third weekend with sprint formatwhich will contribute to generating more uncertainty.


This is the grid of the Sprint race of the Sao Paulo GP

Qualifying for the Sao Paulo Grand Prix has been as crazy as predicted by the weather radar. The rain has fallen intermittently and this has meant that both Kevin Magnussen like the Haas team have achieved the first pole position in their history.

The Danish driver was the first to set a time in Q3. And, although the rest have also completed that first lap, none have been as fast as the Dane. Then a runway exit George Russell has caused the red flag and the rain has done the rest.

Fernando Alonso has achieved seventh position on the grid for Saturday’s sprint race.

The only one who has not marked time in that final round has been charles leclercwho went out on the track with intermissions when it hadn’t rained yet and, when he decided to go in to change to dry tires, the rain and the red flag arrived.

Sao Paulo GP sprint race grid

Saturday schedules at the Sao Paulo Formula 1 GP

The second day at the Interlagos circuit will begin in the afternoon with the second free practice session of the weekend starting at 4:30 p.m. in mainland Spain.

Afterwards, the moment of truth will come with the sprint race, which will determine the grid order for Sunday. This short race will start at 8:30 p.m..

In the following table you can see the schedules for Spain and some Latin American cities:



How to follow and where to watch the Sao Paulo Formula 1 GP

As usual, DAZN deals with broadcasting the queen category of motorsports through its platform streaming in Spain on the DAZN F1 channel (which can also be seen on Movistar). However, residents of countries whose retransmission rights have not been acquired exclusively by any national channel have the option of contracting F1TVthe platform of streaming Formula 1 official.

With our direct, you will be informed of everything that happens in the Interlagos circuit.

Regardless of all this, in Motor.es We will tell you everything that happens at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit and the rest of the events of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship. For this we put at your disposal our direct, in which we include comments, time tables and results in real time. In addition, we inform you of everything related to current affairs through news, reports and analysis in our section especially dedicated to the category.

This is the Interlagos circuit

Interlagos is one of the great circuits on the current calendar, as it brings character and personality to a set of tracks that are increasingly similar to each other. But, in this case, the fluidity of its curves -whether slow or fast-, the different slopes and even the countercamber of some of its turns, give Interlagos an indisputable charm.

The circuit located in Sao Paulo has several aspects that make it a unique layout. The curbs are very flat in all the corners and in most of them they are used as one more portion of the track to plot on. As far as the tires are concerned, they suffer significant side loads in its numerous long radius curves, both low, medium and high speed.

Interlagos circuit map.

The longitudinal load is less in the overall lap, but not negligible in curves such as 1, 4 or 12. The asphalt is irregular and bumpy, despite the numerous resurfacing that is usually done. This is because the circuit is built on an old swamp and that makes the unstable terrain cause irregularities in the track.

Another important aspect that must be taken into account when competing in Interlagos is the weather, since it usually rains at this time of year and driving is quite complicated in the rain, since the asphalt does not drain well and the unevenness forms rivers of water that cross the track.

Regarding aerodynamics, the load used is medium/high. In addition, Interlagos is one altitude of more than 800 meters and that affects aerodynamic performance. The cars need a lot of aerodynamic and mechanical grip in the central sector, but the two long straights mean that the load levels are a compromise between one thing and the other.

The calendar of the Formula 1 World Championship

The 2022 season was intended to become the longest in history hosting 23 Formula 1 Grand Prix, although after the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix it was not yet clear if this wish would be fulfilled. In the end it will not be like that and, once again, the championship will remain in 22 events.

Regardless of that, this year’s calendar has brought back classic events that were absent during the pandemic. We talk about racing Australia, Canada, Singapore and Japan. The first was already played during the month of April and the second did the same in June. The Asians have had to wait until October to certify their return.



The drivers and teams of the Formula 1 World Championship

But without a doubt the great protagonists of the 2022 Formula 1 Championship, as every year, are the participants: 10 teams and 20 drivers willing to complete the longest season in history touring four continents and 21 countries.

On this year’s grid we have three world champions, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, as well as a rookie driver: the Chinese Guanyu Zhou, who forms a couple with Valtteri Bottas at Alfa Romeo. We also see the return of Alexander Albon with Williams and Kevin Magnussen with Haas.


Remember! The Formula 1 Sao Paulo Grand Prix begins this Friday at 16:30 CET with the dispute of the first free practice.

F1 today in Brazil: schedule and grid of the Sprint race, where to watch it on TV and online