F1 GP Brazil 2022, the grand prix program: dates, times, circuit

The guide to the 2022 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix at the Interlagos circuit: the program with dates and times and the characteristics of the track.

F1 is back on track after the stop for the penultimate round of the season: from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 November in fact the Formula 1 World Championship 2022 is on stage on the historic Carlos Pace circuit of Interlagos in Sao Paulo for the Brazilian GP. The program of the twenty-first round of the season it is not the traditional one: on Friday the first free practice session (FP1) and qualifying are held, on Saturday the Free Practice 2 and the Sprint Race while on Sunday there is the canonical 71-lap race.

Because of the time zone for us Italians they will not be traditional either the times of the various sessions on the Brazilian track where a reaction is expected from Ferrari, which wants to put an end to the supremacy of Max Verstappen and Red Bull (who have already mortgaged both the drivers ‘and constructors’ titles) and wants to return to victory before the end of the championship. Leclerc and Sainz will therefore be called to fill the gap from the Dutch and Sergio Perez, but they will also have to defend themselves from the Mercedes of Hamilton and Russell who in the last few races seem to have reached, if not surpassed, the F1-75 in terms of performance.

Free practice and qualifying on Friday

FP1 free practice of the Brazilian Grand Prix begins Friday 11 November 2022: le Free 1 at Interlagos they are scheduled at 16:30 (Italian time). Shortly thereafter we move on to Qualifications, divided between Q1, Q2 and Q3, which will decide the author of the pole position and the starting grid of the Sprint Race, scheduled for Saturday. The traditional qualification starts when in Italy it will be 20:00. Free practice and qualifying can be seen live on Sky, but will not be broadcast on TV8, not even on a deferred basis.

The Sprint Race on Saturday

The 2022 Formula 1 Brazilian GP program continues Saturday 12 November with the FP2 starting at 16:30 Italian time. The second free session precedes the last one Sprint race season whose departure is set at 20:30 (Italian time) and will last only half an hour. The Sprint Race, which will define the starting grid for Sunday’s race, will be visible live on Sky and pre-recorded on TV8.

The race on Sunday

Sunday 13th November 2022 on the Carlos Pace circuit of Interlagos in Sao Paulo, on the other hand, he goes on stage the Brazilian GP race of Formula 1: the departure is scheduled at 19:00 (Italian time). The live broadcast of the Brazilian F1 race will be visible on Sky channels, while on TV8 the penultimate race of the season will be watched on a deferred basis.

The Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo

A stop on one of the historic Formula 1 circuits for the 2022 World Championship.Autódromo José Carlos Pace located in the neighborhood Interlagos of the Brazilian city of St. Paul it is in fact one of the oldest permanent circuits in the world on which we still run. Also in 2022 the legendary plant will host the Brazilian Grand Prix scheduled from 11 to 13 November. The track is characterized by several ups and downs that are particularly challenging for the drivers and by different areas where it is possible to overtake: at turn 1, for example, or at the braking of turn 4, as well as on the straight of the pits and on the “Reta Oposta“where the DRS can be used.

The track measures 4,309 meters and 71 laps are covered during the race, for a total distance of 305.91 km. The track layout requires a high downforce to better face the driven section, with slow corners, but also a set-up that can allow good top speeds. The Interlagos circuit is very demanding for the changeover as it is during the race the transmission will be very stressed with approximately 3200 gear changes made.

As for the brakes, on the other hand, as suggested by the official supplier of the Formula 1 braking systems Brembo, the Interlagos circuit is a moderately demanding circuit. During each lap of the José Carlos Pace Autódromo the brakes are used just 7 times. The most demanding braking of all is that at the first corner where the single-seaters go from 359 km / h to 132 km / h in 2.44 seconds during which they travel 145 meters.

To hold the record of victories in Formula 1 at Interlagos is Michael Schumacher who has conquered four. Among those in business the record holders are Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton with three wins on the Brazilian track. The track record in the race instead it belongs to Valtteri Bottas who in 2018 managed to stop the clock at 1: 10.540.

F1 GP Brazil 2022, the grand prix program: dates, times, circuit