F1, Brazil trembles: now the GP is really at risk

The F1 world championship is preparing for the penultimate round in Brazil, but the race seems to be in danger. Here’s what’s going on.

F1 stops in Brazil for the 21st round of the season, which also includes the last Sprint Race of the year. The Interlagos track is one of the most beautiful ever, made up of ups and downs and curves that highlight the goodness of the chassis of the single-seaters, not to mention that the power units will be put to the test.

F1 (LaPresse)

We will run, albeit to a lesser extent than in Mexico City, once again on high ground, and this is one of the reasons why the Red Bull has always been a wedding with the track located in Sao Paulo in Brazil. Both at the time of the engine Renault that from 2019 onwards with the Hondathe Milton Keynes team was able to take advantage of the larger size of the turbo, which allows you to lose as little power as possible with thin air.

F1 today is very complex on the technical front, and these small details can make a big difference. Max Verstappen and the Red Bull they won here in 2019, but they are more motivated than ever to continue the winning streak. The RB18 is already the most successful single-seater in the history of the Anglo-Austrian team, and is now aiming for a new record.

If Super Max or Sergio Perez managed to win in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, they would bring consecutive successes to 11, on a streak started on July 24 in France. That would mean hooking the record of wins lined up, which belongs to the McLaren-Honda MP4 / 4 of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prostand which has endured since 1988.

That single-seater won 15 out of 16 races, leaving only one double win for the Ferraris of Gerhard Berger and Michele Alboreto at Monza, one month after the death of the great founder Enzo. The Cavallino arrives in Brazil with the hope of recovering after the terrible weekend in Mexico City, to push back a Mercedes which reached -40 in the constructors’ championship.

However, there does not seem to be any optimism at the topthough Mattia Binotto said he was not worried about the return of the Brackley team. According to the team principal, this is explained by the lack of developments brought to the Red, while the silver arrows continued to evolve up to Austin, bringing the last package of the season.

There Ferrari has only won in Brazil once since 2008, thanks to Sebastian Vettel in 2017. For the rest, many disappointments have matured, now a custom in the last part of the championship, where Red Bull And Mercedes historically make a difference.

F1, risk of heavy thunderstorms in Brazil

The Brazilian Grand Prix is ​​at great risk for various reasons, even if the local authorities have decided to continue with the preparations. F1 is coming to Interlagos these days, where there are huge unrest in the country due to the outcome of the political elections. Supporters of Jair Bolsonarooutgoing president, do not recognize the victory of Luiz Inacio Lula from Silva.

Riots are commonplace, with some trucks from the Ferrari who had even been trapped in traffic due to roadblocks. To increase the agitation there is also the risk linked to time, which in this period is never 100% predictable in Brazil.

According to “Weather.com“, Heavy rainfall is expected in Sao Paulo on Friday afternoon. There will be 28 degrees during the day and a 56% chance of rain. The Sprint Race is scheduled for Saturday, an event that has never been held in the wet, but which in all likelihood will be tackled with rain tires. In fact, the chances of violent showers are between 80 and 90%, while they drop to 75% for Sunday’s race.

Today’s F1 cars have a hard time racing in pouring rain as seen in Japan, due to the Full Wet tires provided by the Pirelli which do not guarantee the necessary grip and raise too much water. To all this is added another problem, which concerns the departure time. As you may have noticed, the Sunday race will start at 19 Italian time, 15 local time in Sao Paulo, with a delay of a couple of hours compared to the past.

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This means that if problems arise linked to visibility, the event would even be canceled, a possibility not entirely remote given the bad weather that has been forecast in recent days. In 2016 we witnessed a very long race precisely because of the heavy storms that poured onto the track, which is one of the least draining of the entire calendar. A really complicated weekend awaits us.

F1, Brazil trembles: now the GP is really at risk