Erasmo Carlos, Brazilian music legend and creative partner of Roberto Carlos, has died

Brazilian singer-songwriter Erasmo Carlos, one of the pioneers and greatest rock icons in the country and eternal musical partner of fellow singer-songwriter Roberto Carlos, died at the age of 81 in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, where he was urgently admitted on Tuesday.

The death of the veteran romantic rocker and musician, popularly known as “Tremendao,” came just four days after he was hailed as the winner of this year’s Latin Grammy Award for best Portuguese-language rock album.

And it came just two weeks after the death of the singer Gal Costa, one of the greatest voices in Brazilian Popular Music, muse of tropicalism and who stood out as a member of the legendary “Doces Bárbaros” quartet along with Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Maria Bethania.

Erasmo Carlos spent nine days hospitalized in October to be treated for complications of the edematous syndrome that he had suffered for several months and, upon being discharged on October 31, he said he felt revived.

But this Tuesday he had to be transferred again urgently to the Barra D’or Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, where he died around noon due to complications caused by the same disease.

Erasmo Esteves was born in Rio de Janeiro on June 5, 1941 and from his early career he dedicated himself to spreading rock and roll in Brazil.
Despite his career as a rocker, Erasmo Carlos became famous for the six decades in which he was a partner of singer Roberto Carlos, the “king” of romantic music in Brazil.

Several of Roberto Carlos’s hits known throughout Latin America were composed in association by the two friends.

Along with Roberto Carlos and the singer Wanderlea, he was part of Jovem Guarda, a musical movement that mixed rock with Brazilian music and was named after a television program of the same name in which all three participated.

The “Tremendao” imitated the style and clothes of his idol Elvis Presley on the television show that served as a platform to launch some of his biggest hits, such as “Gatinha Manhosa” and “Festa de Arromba.”

Erasmo Carlos left as a legacy about 600 songs, including classics like “Sentado à Beira do Caminho”, “Minha Fama de Mau”, “Mulher”, “Quero que tudo vá para o inferno”, “Mesmo que seja eu” and ” Smoking is prohibited.”

Owner of more than twenty records, the singer-songwriter recorded his songs alongside other Brazilian idols such as Chico Buarque, Lulu Santos, Zeca Pagodinho, Skank, Los Hermanos, Djavan, Adriana Calcanhotto, Marisa Monte, Frejat, Marisa and Milton Nascimento.

“Erasmo Carlos, far beyond the Jovem Guarda, was a highly talented singer-songwriter, author of many of the songs that most moved Brazilians in recent decades… Leave nostalgia and dozens of songs that will always be in our hearts.” memories and on the soundtrack of our lives,” said Brazil’s president-elect, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, mourning the musician’s death.

“Erasmo Carlos” was an artistic name in honor of the partners who accompanied him at the beginning of his career: Roberto Carlos and Carlos Imperial.

Erasmo Carlos, Brazilian music legend and creative partner of Roberto Carlos, has died