Elections in Brazil: the differences between the leaders of Together for Change frustrated a joint statement from the national table

The leaders of Together for Change they can’t agree for a statement. Foreign policy was one of the issues on which there seemed to be greater agreement between the partners of the main opposition coalition, but yesterday a statement from the space to congratulate the Lula da Silva for his victory in the Brazilian elections because Miguel Angel Picketto he did not want to sign it.

Yesterday the draft of the communiqué with which they would congratulate the elected president of Brazil circulated through the chat rooms of the opposition coalition. “From the National Board of Together for Change we want to congratulate the president-elect of Brazil. We also salute the Brazilian people who have expressed themselves at the polls in free and fair elections that took place normally”, began the text that left the place to complete the name of the future president.

The relationship between Argentina and Brazil must be built and grow on solid foundations that transcend the circumstantial rulers in each of our countries.”, he continued. Lastly, he pointed out that relaunching the relationship with Brazil is a “central condition” for the country’s development.

To publish it, only the signature of Pichettoleader of the Federal Republican Encounter, who had not answered the messages from the heads of the other parties in the coalition, Maximilian Ferraro (DC), Patricia Bullrich (Pro) and Gerardo Morales (UCR), who had already approved the text.

Several presidents and world leaders had already congratulated the president-elect, including Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, who tweeted: “Congratulations to the sister people of Brazil for the democratic day they have celebrated and especially to Lula da Silva, the newly elected president. We need to build a mature relationship between our countries that allows us to enhance the possibilities of development”.

Finally, from that party they reported in the chat of spokespersons of the leaders of Together for Change that Pichetto was not going to accompany the statement because they would only congratulate the president-elect if the winner was Jair Bolsonaro. “They talk about republicanism, but it is selective”, they fired in the ranks of the CC.

Although they recognize the democratic process, in that space they consider that it is the Government’s obligation to congratulate the winner while as opponents “they have the right to greet depending on who is the winner.” They understand that Lula is the candidate supported by Kirchnerism while Pichetto had committed himself to Bolsonaro.

Yesterday, the auditor general of the Nation showed up at Paso de los Libres, border with the neighboring country, to support the Brazilian head of state on election day. “I wish him good luck in the second round, I hope he continues to be president of Brazil,” Pichetto wished Bolsanoro, whom he visited in 2019. The leader of Republican Peronism also participated in the dinner together with liberal leaders when two weeks ago president’s son, Eduardo Bolsonarotraveled to Buenos Aires.

After Pichetto’s refusal, the party leaders considered the idea of ​​putting out a statement signed by their three parties. But this time who did not provide his signature was Bullrich. Party sources pointed out that the condition of the Pro leader was that the current president admit defeat.

Finally, Ferraro and Morales appealed to their personal accounts to congratulate Lula da Silva on his victory with similar texts, which were shared by their respective parties, where they also emphasized the need to work for a “strong” and “united” region.

Hours later, after 11 p.m., Macri’s greeting would arrive. “I want to congratulate the Brazilian people for this democratic day and Lula da Silva for being elected President of Brazil. I hope that we continue working to strengthen the bond between our countries”, he said through Twitter.

Bullrich, for his part, has not yet spoken. From the environment of the leader of Pro, they limited themselves to answering that the former Minister of Security believed that there should be a joint statement.

Pichetto spoke of an “extremely balanced” and “adjusted” result. “I think that a very conditioned Lula government remains. I think you’re going to have to go downtown. Jair Bolsonaro He manages both chambers, has a majority with his allies and has stayed with important governors, especially in São Paulo, a result that appeared uncertain, Bolsonaro’s party won, “he said in Radius Profile When asked about the Brazilian electoral result, he avoided congratulating Lula da Silva.

The frustrated statement of the national table for the elections in the neighboring country adds to the differences regarding the link with China for which they could not agree on a position to condemn the positions of Argentina in the session of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (UN), in which a report signed by the former Chilean president was discussed Michelle Bachelet before leaving the post of High Commissioner.

The UCR and the Pro only intended to pronounce on the situation in Venezuela while the CC wanted to include in the statement a repudiation of the Argentine government’s abstention in the vote for human rights violations in China and accused its partners of have a “biased, ambiguous and opportunistic position”.

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Elections in Brazil: the differences between the leaders of Together for Change frustrated a joint statement from the national table