Elections in Brazil LIVE: Justice warned Lula and Bolsonaro that electoral propaganda is prohibited on voting day

Citizens take public transport to reach a voting center in Minas Gerais (Reuters)

Voter transportation is under fire

The Federal Supreme Court prohibited the Federal Highway Police from carrying out any operation that could hinder the transportation of voters.

The head of the Federal Rodoviária Police (PRF), Silvinei Vasques, declared on the networks his support for Jair Bolsonaro, while Lula da Silva’s campaign denounces that the operations are aimed at preventing low-income citizens from reaching the centers. voting.

In most of the country’s capitals and large urban centers, public transport is free to facilitate arrival at the voting centers.

Surveys since the start of the campaign

President Bolsonaro has managed in recent weeks to shorten the distance that separates him from Lula and some polls show a technical tie.

The Polling Data agency showed in its latest study a distance of 10 points between the two candidates, outside the margin of error.

In Brazil, the law allows the disclosure of polls even on the last day before the elections.

Justice Warning

The corregidor general of the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil, Benedito Gonçalves, issued a recommendation in which he reminds the presidential candidates that “any type of propaganda” is prohibited this Sunday.

“From the perspective of electoral normality, it would be prudent to act prophylactically in the face of the risk and reiteration of the behaviors that ultimately affect the right of each person to express their free choice at the polls on the day of the vote”, pointed out Gonçalves, according to the Brazilian newspaper ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’.

The magistrate has thus defended “reaffirming the pact of respect for the will formed by each voter and by each voter, with personal and intangible synthesis of all information collected throughout the campaign and that at the final moment of the contest must be safeguarded against undue disturbance.

Gonçalves has clarified that interviews and statements are not prohibited, but electoral messages cannot be launched in interventions that receive press coverage.

Both candidates have given brief statements to the press and were confident of obtaining victory, with Lula being the one who spoke the most to the media.

Arrested for a selfie

The police have disclosed several cases of arrests of voters who tried to record their vote with their cell phones or take photos at the time of voting in the electronic ballot box.

Bolsonaro lifts the Libertadores trophy on ballotage day
Bolsonaro lifts the Libertadores trophy on ballotage day

Bolsonaro received Flamengo

After voting in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian president received the delegation from the Flamengo club, which the day before won the Copa Libertadores title.

The president posed with the squad and with the cup. Although he is a supporter of Palmeiras, on several occasions he has been in favor of the Rio de Janeiro club.

Bolsonaro voted first thing in the morning and then took photos with the players of the champion team, before flying to Brasilia, where he will await the results.

Defender Rodinei takes a "selfie" with the president
Defender Rodinei takes a “selfie” with the president

After receiving them at the air terminal, the dignitary flew over Rio by helicopter in the company of some athletes such as Thiago Maia, Santos, Marinho and “Cebolinha”, according to another official video.

The vote of Brazilians in Argentina

The response of Brazilian citizens in Buenos Aires to the ballotage of the presidential elections in their country is massive. The polling station set up at the Brazilian Embassy opened at 8 in the morning and by 10:30 there were already 700 meters of queue between those who wanted to cast their vote.

Hundreds of Brazilians went to the embassy of their country to choose between Jair Bolsonaro and Lula Da Silva

The phenomenon is also repeated in provinces such as Córdoba, Mendoza, Corrientes and Misiones.

In Argentina there are 12,746 Brazilian citizens eligible to vote.

The Superior Electoral Court reported that up to 9:40 am, 926 electronic ballot boxes were replaced, 0.17% of the total.

So far, there has been no need to implement manual voting (due to the lack of substitute ballot boxes) in any municipality.

Free transportation for voters

Dozens of cities offer free public transport for all voters, although some testimonies collected by the local press include complaints that the system is not being applied in their areas. Others, in turn, welcomed the initiative and there were even those who assured that without this facility they would not have gone to vote.

proselytizing beer

The police of Lebon Régis, a municipality in the southern state of Santa Catarina, seized 13 barrels of beer that were promised to the people in case Bolsonaro improves his local participation with respect to the first round.

According to G1, 420 liters were seized for violating electoral laws.

The vote of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Reuters)
The vote of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Reuters)

Vote for Lula da Silva

The former Brazilian president cast his vote in São Bernardo do Campo, a municipality in the state of São Paulo.

The leader of the center-left coalition came wearing a white shirt and surrounded by a large group of relatives. Before the cameras, he kissed his voting slip.

“I am convinced that the people will vote for a project that rescues hungry people, people on the street,” he told reporters. He considered that the country has regressed in recent years and said that there are millions who are waiting for a gesture of generosity and recognition.


Elections in Brazil LIVE: Justice warned Lula and Bolsonaro that electoral propaganda is prohibited on voting day