Elections. In Brazil, Bolsonaro disputes the result of the presidential election

Jair Bolsonaro does not admit defeat. Although Lula’s victory has already been ratified, the formation of the incumbent Brazilian president, the Liberal Party (PL), on Tuesday (November 22nd) requested the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to cancel the votes from more than 280,000 electronic ballot boxes. , asserting that “malfunctions” would have distorted the results of the second round of October 30.

According to a count made by the PL, the invalidation of these votes would give victory to the far-right leader, who would win the election with 51% of the votes, report it Rio Times. Or practically the opposite of the official result (50.9% for Lula, 49.1% for the outgoing president).

This same November 22, the president of the TSE, Alexandre de Moraes, gave a deadline of 24 hours to Jair Bolsonaro and his allies “to present a full report on the elections”underlines the daily carioca O Globo. But he also pointed out the ballot boxes causing problems for the Liberal Party “had been used in both the first round and the second round of the 2022 elections”. Moraes therefore requested that the complaint of the PL “concerns both towers” elections, on pain of being rejected.

However, the cancellation of part of the votes obtained during the first round of the Brazilian general elections, on October 2, would have an impact on the legislative elections organized on the same day as the presidential election with the same ballot boxes, won by the PL of Jair Bolsonaro. By requesting the invalidation of electronic votes on these machines, “the party therefore runs the risk of harming itself”, remark O Globe. The Brazilian daily also recalls that “the contested ballot box designs are the same ones used in the 2018 election, when Bolsonaro was elected president.”

“No chance of succeeding”

Behind the scenes, Jair Bolsonaro’s loyal allies readily admit that this appeal has no “no chance of succeeding”, notes Bruno Boghossian, journalist at the daily Folha de Sao Paulo. “The idea of ​​asking the court to nullify part of the votes in the second round is really just an attempt to give a political veneer to false suspicions of fraud and to encourage further demonstrations in the streets”, he believes.

“The probable rejection of the PL’s request should be sold as proof of the alleged ill will of the Superior Electoral Court towards Bolsonaro and its disinterest in the investigations”, continues Bruno Boghossian.

“Using the courts to agitate the streets”, Bolsonaro supporters participate in the same “a criminal organization that camps in front of the barracks, calls for a military dictatorship, blocks traffic on the highways, sets fire to trucks and works to overturn the election results by force”, concludes the journalist.

Since losing the election, Jair “Bolsonaro has practically disappeared. And his absence, his silence and his refusal to explicitly recognize the victory of […] Lula emboldened his most radical supporters,” note the correspondent ofEl País in Brazil, Naiara Galarraga Gortazar. “The appeal presented by Bolsonaro can therefore give wings to small groups of Bolsonarists who continue to mobilize in the streets”, she concludes.

Elections. In Brazil, Bolsonaro disputes the result of the presidential election