Elections in Brazil 2022, live: Jair Bolsonaro vs. Lula, minute by minute of the ballottage

The president of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Alexandre de Moraesassured that the platforms complied with the determination of Remove or suspend election-related fake news content in the last 36 hours.

354 contents were removed, seven sites were demonetized, 701 URL addresses were removed, and 15 profiles “of large spreaders of false news”, in addition to five Telegram groups, Moraes said, aforementioned by Leaf.

“Voters and voters, a great electoral Sunday, with a lot of peace, security, awareness and hope,” he predicted earlier.

The President of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Minister Rose Webersaid that the election day takes place in a calm and “serene” way, despite reports that the police are arresting voters.

Asked about the operations of the Brazilian Federal Traffic Police (PRF), which carried out at least 514 interventions to control public transport vehicles, hindering the voter’s right to vote and failing to comply with the TSE’s decision, Weber said that the Electoral Justice “is dealing with this issue properly”, without further details.

international human rights organization Human Rights Watch expressed concern about reports of police checkpoints on highways in the northeast of the country, which prevent voters from going to vote.

“We are very concerned about the reports of operations by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) that are allegedly preventing or delaying access to the polling places for voters who use public transport. On October 29, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) prohibited any operation of the PRF related to the public transportation of voters. The authorities must immediately comply with the decisions of the TSE, suspend all operations that could lead to the suppression of the right to vote of Brazilian voters and guarantee that they can exercise it freely and safely.”, says the statement, quoted by The country.

According to information published by the newspaper Folha, the Police carried out 514 bus inspections before noon, at a time when the authorities had ordered that no operations of any kind be carried out so as not to hinder the movement of Brazilians, who vote today in ballottage to define if the next president will be Lula or will be Bolsonaro.

In this framework, the president of the Workers’ Party, Gleisi Hoffmann, announced that she had requested the arrest of the commander of the Federal Highway Police, who had asked to summon President Jair Bolsonaro to vote, and of the regional chiefs, and that she had called on the deputies of the coalition that supports Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to order the arrest of the policemen who are arresting opposition voters.

“I ask the legislators of our coalition to go to the places of operations in their states and give the arrest warrant to the police,” Hoffmann said on social media.

A scandal over the detention of Lula’s voters on the northeast routes exploded in Brazil after the Police failed to comply with the decision of the Federal Supreme Court to allow the fluid transit of voters. The request of Lula’s party occurred after they detected 514 police operations on the routes until 12 noon this Sunday, 70% more shares than what was registered in the first electoral round, on October 2, according to a report from the Superior Electoral Tribunal obtained by Folha de Sao Paulo.

The Superior Electoral Court of Brazil also ordered today the head of the Federal Highway Police, which reports to the government of Jair Bolsonaro, to urgently explain the reasons why they are not complying with a court order by carrying out police operations to stop buses with voters. of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, it was officially reported.

The former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff She stated that “the time” has come for the Workers’ Party (PT) of which both she and former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva are a part to govern Brazil again after exercising their right to vote in the second round of the presidential elections that are celebrated this Sunday.

Rousseff voted in the morning at a school in the Pampulha region, in Belo Horizonte, accompanied by state deputies from her party. ”I have a great expectation of victory. When leaving the Planalto Palace because of that absolutely illegal and fraudulent ‘impeachment’, I said that we would return. For me today is the day. The time has come to return, ”she said, according to the newspaper. Folha de Sao Paulo.

The former president also stressed that the PT’s specialty is winning elections in the second round and they did not succeed in 2018 just because Lula was not the candidate. “In Lula’s two elections and in my two elections we never won in the first round. We always arrive fair. But the people always won in the second round,” she said.

Carla Zambelli pulls out a gun and threatens a man on the street in São Paulo

A bodyguard of the Brazilian federal deputy Carla Zambelli, one of the main allies of President Jair Bolsonaro, was arrested today accused of having fired his weapon when he was chasing, along with the legislator, a black citizen through the streets of São Paulo, reported the policeman.

Lula votes in São PauloNELSON ALMEIDA – AFP

The candidate for president and former president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, voted this morning in São Paulo and assured that “it is a very important day for the future of the country.” “We are going to go forward with the whole of society as a whole,” assured the center-left candidate.

Bolsonaro gives thumbs up after voting in Rio de Janeiro
Bolsonaro gives thumbs up after voting in Rio de JaneiroBRUNA PRADO – AP

The president of Brazil and candidate for reelection, Jair Bolsonaro, voted today in a school in Rio de Janeiro, minutes after the opening of the tables in Brazil for the presidential election runoff with his left-wing rival Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. .

The far-right president said hours before the last act that “whoever has the most votes wins”. This is a change from its official narrative so far. In recent months, the president had carried out a strong campaign against the current voting system, which he considered an open door to fraud against him.

“There is not the slightest doubt. Whoever gets the most votes wins. That is what democracy is all about”, told presenter Renata Lo Prete, on the television program Journal of the Globe, after the last debate with his adversary, former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Bolsonaro during the campaign event in Belo Horizonte
Bolsonaro during the campaign event in Belo HorizonteDOUGLAS MAGNO – AFP

The leader of the PT, who seeks to return to power after 12 years, led the “victory walk”in which they participated thousands of people over several blocks in the heart of São Paulo.

The former president of Uruguay, José "Pepe" Mujica listens to former Brazilian president and candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva during a campaign event.
Former Uruguayan President José “Pepe” Mujica listens to former Brazilian President and candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva during a campaign event.Andre Penner – AP

“We have all the conditions to win tomorrow”, Lula had stated earlier in a press conference with Brazilian and international media. He was accompanied by his vice-presidential candidate, Gerald Alckmin; by the PT candidate for governor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad, who is playing another of tomorrow’s great electoral battles; and for his wife, Rosangela da Silva (Janja). And there was a special guest: Former President of Uruguay José “Pepe” Mujicawhich received a standing ovation from PT supporters.

Lula was confident that the Brazilians will decide “for the change”He promised that he will bring the country “back to normal.”

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, together with Ambassador Daniel Scioli
Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, together with Ambassador Daniel Scioli

In an interview with THE NATIONthe Argentine ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli, acknowledged that he recognizes that the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) has “a greater commitment to Latin American integration, with Mercosur and a great personal relationship with Cristina Kirchner, and also with me”said.

“I am a grateful person and I will never forget that [Lula] in 2015 he went to campaign for me. And with everyone around him I speak directly, as with Celso Amorim. I have a very good bond,” said the diplomat.

Daniel Scioli and Lula da Silva
Daniel Scioli and Lula da Silva

At the same time, Scioli dismissed the criticism that Bolsonaro leveled at Argentina during the campaign. “I understand that this has to do with Bolsonaro’s campaign strategy, speaking to his hard core, Make comparisons. Sometimes I have told him, half jokingly, half seriously, “Stop puffing yourself up with that Argentina is communism or socialism”recorded.

A Bolsonaro deputy chased a group at gunpoint in the middle of San Pablo. The leader pointed out that they were militants of Lula da Silva who had verbally assaulted her.

Deputy Carla Zambelli
Deputy Carla ZambelliCapture

The re-elected federal deputy Carla Zambelli (Liberal Party), drew a gun and targeted a man this Saturday afternoon in the exclusive neighborhood Jardins de San Pablo. In a video published on social networks, the legislator claimed to have been harassed by “Lula da Silva militants”, with insults and spitting. The circumstances of the incident, in the middle of the street, are still unclear.

Former President Lula Inacio da Silva arrives as the favorite, according to the polls published this saturday. Both Datafolha and Genial/Quaest assign it the 52% of the valid votes for the left-wing candidate against 48% for the president. The consultant Ipec stretches that difference to eight points: 54% to 46%.

most of the polls suggest that Lula is the favorite to get a third term, capping off a remarkable political comeback following his imprisonment for bribery convictions that were later overturned. Nevertheless, Bolsonaro had a better result than the opinion polls predicted in the first round ofon October 2.

Two other well-known polls this Saturday actually revealed a technical draw That leaves the expectation red hot. According to a survey by the MDA institute commissioned by the National Transport Confederation (CNT), Lula would have 51.1% of the valid votes, against 48.9% for Bolsonaro, a technical tie by the margin of error of 2.2 percentage points. MDA was the most accurate pollster in the first round.


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Elections in Brazil 2022, live: Jair Bolsonaro vs. Lula, minute by minute of the ballottage