Election in Brazil: a Bolsonarist MP points a gun at a supporter of Lula in the middle of the street

The day before the second round of the presidential election in Brazil, a federal deputy, support of Jair Bolsonaro, pointed his weapon in the middle of the street at a militant of Lula. She claims to have been assaulted.

An uplifting scene. This Saturday, October 29, the eve of the second round of the presidential election in Brazil, a heated altercation took place in the streets of Sao Paulo between a federal deputy from Jair Bolsonaro’s camp, Carla Zambelli, and a left-wing activist, supporter of Lula, report CNN Brazil. The scene was filmed and posted on social media.

According to the MP, it all started with an altercation on the sidewalk with this activist, who allegedly made fun of her and insulted her, while declaring that this Sunday he would vote for Lula, the opponent of Jair Bolsonaro in the presidential election. “Several men approached. Then they pushed me, they even hurt me here, she claimed, showing a bruise on her knee. And then when he pushed me, I fell, I ran after him, I said I was going to call the police, that he had to stay here to wait for the police to arrive (…) Then he s ran away, so I pulled out my gun and ran after him. I asked him to stop, I asked him to stop, he got scared and stopped inside a bar,” she said.

Several videos have been posted on Twitter, including one where we see the verbal altercation between the two protagonists, and another where we see the deputy tripping and falling to the ground. It is not clear from the videos whether the MP was pushed by the activist as she claims. She is then seen chasing the left-wing activist running, with another man, the latter carrying a gun in his hand. A shot even seems to have been fired. Another excerpt shows the deputy crossing the street, gun in hand aiming at the activist, before entering a bar and shouting at the man to lie down on the ground.

Images that shocked, a few hours before the second round of the presidential election. In addition, the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) prohibited the carrying of weapons on election day, but also for the 24 hours preceding and following election day. Failure to comply with this resolution, made to guarantee the safety of Brazilians in an ultra-tense context between supporters of Lula and those of Jair Bolsonaro, can lead to an arrest for illegal possession of a weapon.

An offense which Carla Zambelli defended herself: “The federal deputy has a registered firearm to defend herself. The TSE resolution prohibiting the carrying only applies to collectors, shooters and hunters, or to the entry of weapons into electoral sections,” the MP’s press office said in a statement. Furthermore, Carla Zambelli spoke to the Brazilian press herself, saying: “I knowingly ignored the resolution and I will continue to ignore Mr. Alexandre de Moraes’ resolution, because it is not a legislator. He is simply president of the TSE and member of the Federal Supreme Court. He can never make a law. It is judicial activism,” she denounced.

Election in Brazil: a Bolsonarist MP points a gun at a supporter of Lula in the middle of the street