Danilo: “There are no rivalries between us, Brazil is a compact group”

The Brazilian Danilo, player of the Juventus declared this Tuesday that Brazil is one of the favorites to win the World Cup in Qatar 2022, although France Y Argentina for the defense, are two other clear candidates.

We accept responsibility and are aware of the names we have. It is undeniable that we are among the favourites, but there are other teams with great players too, that’s where the grace of the competition lies”he said at a press conference in Turin (Italy), in the sports city of his club, where Brazil is concentrated before traveling to Qatar.

France and Argentina are undoubtedly two very strong teams that will surely go far. We have important players, people who play for the best teams in the world and who make a difference. When we go out wearing the national team jersey, we have the feeling of being those children in Brazil who dreamed of winning the World Cup. We have this feeling, it gives us unimaginable strength,” added the former Real Madrid player.

Danilo, who acknowledged that his teammates, the Serbs Dusan Vlahovic and Filip Kostic, are very dangerous, appreciated the quality of the ‘Canarinha’, especially that of Neymar.

There is a very good connection with neymar , too easy. In the team he is a source of joy because he is always happy and positive“, he commented.

Also the one of Dani Alaves his direct competition on the right side, whom he praised.

“In terms of leadership, he is an example. He seeks to improve, adapt to find his best possible form and be able to play the world cup. Always cheerful character, he does not relax training, he goes one hundred percent and is an influence for everyone. In a short competition like this it is very important to always be focused, and he is an example of leadership and concentration,” he said.

“There are no rivalries between us, this is a compact group and everyone contributes in the best possible way. Everyone here knows what they have to do and what to contribute. There is no comparison here inside,” she revealed.

“On the field, he has shown a power of resilience and some technical qualities that can help the team at all times in terms of passing, facing goal or when creating spaces that few players have. It has unique qualities“, he exposed.

In addition, he assured that he arrives at the World Cup in full condition: “It is my second world cup, after an injury in the first. I feel very well prepared, both emotionally, mentally and physically to be able to be with the national team, to be able to belong to the group. I’m satisfied, I can’t do more than give my best.”

On the reason why the team trains in Turin and not in another place with weather conditions more similar to those of Qatar, Danilo downplayed it.

“There are only a few days, 4 or 5 nothing more, in Europe because it was where the majority of us were. A decision focused on group work, to take as little time as possible to train. The sports city has a rest center, a physio… Starting Saturday we will be in Qatar, the weather issue is not so important,” he stressed.

For Danilo, the defensive aspect will be fundamental in the appointment.

“Defensively you have to do a really good job, also the forwards. They work a lot, defend a lot too, press very well and at the same time and Tite (coach) always tells them to be able to play with a greater number of forwards, so that be effective. His job is to create, but also to push at the same time.”sentenced.

Danilo: “There are no rivalries between us, Brazil is a compact group”