Customs seized illegal merchandise on the border with Brazil

Specialized agents of the General Directorate of Customs-AFIP carried out a procedure in which the irregular entry of various products that were intended to be imported without the corresponding declaration to the customs service was avoided.

This operation took place on the border between Paso de los Libres, province of Corrientes, and Uruguayana, a city in Brazil. There, different control tasks were implemented in the area of ​​the International Bridge and vehicles attempting to enter Argentina were inspected.

In the aforementioned procedure, there was a first detected case of a Brazilian vehicle that had hidden inside 9,800 ornamental feathers that were distributed in 98 packages of 100 units each, with a local market value of 440 thousand pesos.

Then there was another case, this time involving a vehicle driven by an Argentine citizen who was discovered under the seats and under the carpets of the car about 60 hidden bottles of alcohol, “Jack Daniels” brand whiskey and “Ciroc” vodka. , all valued at a total value of 360 thousand pesos.


In both situations, Customs carried out the application of the infraction established in article 977 of the Customs Code, which is equivalent to one to three times the Customs value of the merchandise in violation, as well as the seizure of all the merchandise. .

These tasks on the part of Customs are intended to combat unfair competition and protect both the national industry and the Argentine workforce.

Operational at the beginning of the month

During the first week of November, specialized agents from the General Directorate of Customs-AFIP carried out different procedures in the north of the country.

The different tasks were implemented at different checkpoints on routes, proceeding to the physical and documentary verification of both the means of transport and the merchandise transferred.

When requesting the customs documentation, commercial invoice, cargo manifests and/or delivery notes that allow proving the legitimate entry of the goods, it was detected that a large number of the products lacked the corresponding supporting documentation, concluding that they would have been entered the country in an illegal manner. irregular.

Customs merchandise seized

Most of the operations were carried out using the non-intrusive “Scanvan” method, which made it possible to observe the presence of multiple imported items, among which the following stand out: tires of different sizes, thermos flasks, footwear, sandals, underwear, clothing, items bazaar, toys, coca leaves, among others.

In total, 380 parcels were seized for being in violation of Law 22,415 and 23,737, also proceeding with the kidnapping of a means of transport of the company “Vía Cargo”.

The market value of all the merchandise and the seized means of transport is equivalent to more than 110 million pesos.

For his part, the General Director of Customs Guillermo Michel expressed that “these measures are very important for society since they allow to fight unfair competition and take care of both the national industry and Argentine employment.”

Customs seized illegal merchandise on the border with Brazil