Chianti wine, the consortium to conquer Brazil: workshops, tastings and meetings in Rio de Janeiro

From the ‘rhythm’ masterclass of Sangiovese and its precious nuances to the workshop animated by the team of companies flown directly from Tuscany: this is what is proposed in Brazil the ‘Chianti Lovers America Tour 2022’, the international promotional trip organized by Chianti Wine Consortium to bring the denomination to the conquest of the New Continent.

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The tour has already begun, on October 27, with a crackling start in green and gold tones, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, at the Copacabana Palace. Here the well-known sommelier Manoel Blessed in duet with the Consortium’s Wine Ambassador, Luca Alves accompanied the participants on a delicious journey among seven wines from seven different areas, passing through glasses of Annata, Government for Tuscan use, Superiore and Riserva. In the audience of professionals and local media, also Deise Novakoski, first historical sommelier in Brazil and key figure in food and wine training in the country, who reminded the participants in an intervention that it was Chianti, many years ago, the first wine to to land on the market. In the next few days, November 4th, it will be the turn of São Paulo, the city where a group of producers will land directly from Tuscany who will present their wines to local professionals as part of a Workshop event including B2B meeting sessions .

And if “life, friend, is the art of meeting” as Vinicius de Moraes sang in his ‘Samba of blessings’, then the right seal to celebrate it can only be the nectar of friendship, the Holy winewho will be the protagonist of the initiative in the capital of Paulista: the journalist Jorge Lucki will tell the legend, technique and unique characteristics, through a tasting of seven products, from the driest to the most noble ‘Occhio di Pernice’. “For our denomination, the Brazilian market has considerable potential – comments the president of the Chianti Wine Consortium, Giovanni Busi – for this reason we have put so much effort into proposing initiatives of the highest quality and great interest also for sector operators. Promoting in Brazil is an interesting challenge because on the one hand there is the brake of high import duties, but on the other the link with our country works in our favor. Suffice it to say that San Paolo is the city with the largest number of Italian-Brazilians in the country, so it is a perfect country in which to go hunting for new Chianti lovers ”.

Chianti wine, the consortium to conquer Brazil: workshops, tastings and meetings in Rio de Janeiro