BYD could buy the Ford plant in Brazil

In 2016while industry giants were just taking their first steps in the green market, BYD commercialized over 100,000 battery-powered unitsbecoming the world’s largest electric car seller. For 2019was already present in more than 200 cities around the worldhand in hand with the marketing and operation of electric buses.

BYD is also moving in Latin America as it has established alliances, as is the case with Walmart and Mexico, signed at the end of 2021. Also, in our country we have 200 BYD D1 circulating as part of the Uber fleet.

In the last hours, it was announced that the firm is extremely interested in expand in brazilwhere you already have three factoriesand would do nothing less than doubling your presenceincluding the possible purchase of a Ford. What does BYD plan to do?

BYD in Brazil: Government Announcement

The novelty comes from official announcement but that was not done by BYD, but by a government entity. Specifically, the state of Bay reported the signing of a letter of intent with the Chinese brand, for it to install three factories in its territory, dedicated to the production of cars, trucks Y electric buses.

According to the government of the eastern Brazilian state, BYD’s investment would reach $582 million (3 billion reais), which would promote the creation of 1,200 new positions of work. Two of the plants would specialize in the production of chassis for buses and trucks, and the construction of both would begin to mid of 2023 and would culminate in september 2024.

As for the remaining factory, dedicated to the production of electric cars, would be finished for december of 2024while he would begin his work in the 2025. This is not all, since the agreement reached also includes the extraction by BYD of lithium Y iron phosphatewhich will be sent to China to produce the batteries of the vehicles. Already in the final product, the minerals will return to Brazil, for the assembly process and completion of the units.

Currently, BYD has three factories in Brazil: the first was inaugurated in 2016it’s located in Campinas (state of São Paulo) and is dedicated to bus assembly; the second, open in 2017 in the same town, specializes in the production of photovoltaic modulesMeanwhile in 2020 the third arrived, located in Manaus (Amazonas) and that produces batteries.

BYD in Brazil: Interested in what Ford left behind

Almost two years ago, at the beginning of 2021, Ford closed the three plants it owned in Brazilwhich led to the culmination of production in the region of models like the EcoSport, Ka Y ka sedan. Months later, Brazilian colleagues mentioned that various Chinese firms They were interested in the “Oval” factories, although in none of the cases was BYD.

In the last hours, media from the neighboring country reported that it is now the largest electric car manufacturer in the world. the one interested in one of the Ford plants. Specifically, it would be the plant of Camacari (coincidentally located in the state of Bahia), which BYD is looking favorably on. At the moment, the Chinese brand has made its intentions known to the American and the local government, but nothing has been signed yet.

BYD could buy the Ford plant in Brazil