Buffa & Zico: ‘Imperfect Crime’

The new Sky Sport Original production with Federico Buffa and Arthur Zico, who together with Franco Dal Cin and Bruno Pizzul reconstruct the negotiation that brought Zico to Italy a year after the World Cup in Spain, revealing some background of Italy-Brazil 1982

In Lignano Sabbiadoro, on the occasion of the presentation of the book “Imperfect Crime” from Franco Dal Cin, Federico Buffa met Arthur Antunes Coimbracalled Zico, to tell the his sensational arrival at Udinese in the summer of 1983and one of the hottest sporting disappointments of his career: the defeat of the Brazilian national team against Bearzot’s Italy at the 1982 World Cup. The event was also attended by the historic journalist and sports commentator RAI, Bruno Pizzul, who as a good Friulian (Pizzul was born in Udine in 1938) has always followed the feats of Galinho in black and white.

Zico to Udinese thanks to Dal Cin

The adventure of Zico to Udineseduration two years (from 1983 to 1985), was made possible thanks to cunning and Dal Cin’s reckless financial operationsgeneral manager of Udinese from 1976 to 1984 and author of the book in which he tells the whole story. The evening conducted by Buffadedicated to the unforgettable Juventus number 10, still the undisputed idol of the Friulian people, is a succession of memories, anecdotes and episodes from the football and private life of the former football player.

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From Udine received so much warmth

In the background, the strong link with Udine. Zico affectionately recounted his first impact with the city and with the fans: “Everyone said that Udine was cold. I’ve never seen a cold city, I have always received so much warmth, so much emotion, this made the difference and allowed the feeling to last even today, after a long time “. “Zico – Pizzul recalled – made himself loved both for his football prowess and for his personalityfor his humanity, for his willingness to dialogue. He always accepted, except arbitration injustices, everything that happened to him, and with the people was extraordinary ”.


The special Buffa & Zico: “Crime imperfect”

A particularly engaging moment of the evening was there reading that Buffa and Zico gave of the Italy-Brazil match at the 82nd World Cupa play-by-play tale as if it had been played the day before. “It was the only match – said Zico – of eighty-eight that I played with the national team, in which my team conceded three goals “. The special Buffa & Zico: “Imperfect Crime” on air Monday 11 July at 2.15 pm on Sky Sport Calcio (202), in rerun at 10.15 pm.

The channel of the ’82 World Cup

All day long, on Sky and streaming on NOW, Sky Sport Calcio will become the channel of the ’82 World Cup. Many appointments and a marathon of tales by Federico Buffa (#SkyBuffaTells Enzo Bearzot And World Stories – 1982 Italia Mundial) And Giorgio Porrà (The Sunday Man Paolo Rossi, il goal boy and the specials on Zoff, # Zoff80: A sports man And # Zoff80: Without Gloves), to savor, relive or get closer for the first time to those memories and the third world title won by our National team led by Bearzot.


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  • 5.00 Federico Buffa Tells World Cup Stories Italia Mundial (Spain 1982)

Buffa & Zico: ‘Imperfect Crime’