Bruno Conti: “Child’s play”: the special

The humble origins in Neptune, baseball, the frail physique, the obsession with hair, the world cup and Paolo Rossi. A long and exciting interview by Giorgio Porrà with one of the Italian heroes of 1982. 40 years after his triumph in the Spanish World Cup, Conti retraces his career. The family, Roma, the relationship with Liedholm and Bearzot, the victory of ’82


It is the story of a champion, but also a cross-section of Italy, the romantic and sentimental one of the provinces, which maybe one day comes to lift a world cup. The one-hour special entitled to air on Sky Sport from 11 July Bruno Conti: “Child’s play”, inspired by the recent biography of the player, published by Rizzoli. It’s a long one, sometimes funny, sometimes touching conversation between Giorgio Porrà and Bruno Continicknamed “Marazico”, on some of the values ​​that led him to win that world title as a protagonist: his Neptune, family, Roma, the relationship with Liedholm and Bearzot Many years of commitment guided by an inexhaustible passion for football. “It was fun, but not a game, the result of many sacrifices, mine and my family,” the former footballer told Sky Sport.


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The exceptional normality of Paolo Rossi

“Mine was a large family – explains Conti -, my father went out early in the morning and came back in the evening, he went to work in Rome. I also contributed some jobs, but my passion for sport was huge. In Nettuno I played football in winter and baseball in summer, and I was especially good at the latter. Until once an American company showed up at Neptune, the Santa Monica, who wanted to take me to play there. I was still a kid, my father thought about it for a while then he said no, my son is too young. “

Bruno Conti and Giorgio Porrà

Giorgio Porrà’s interview with Bruno Conti

Luckily your father said no to Santa Monica, otherwise we would never have had “Marazico” and maybe someone else would have won the World Cup …

“That nickname was invented by Neptune’s friends, after the victory of the world championship, when they wrote a banner that said”For the world you are Bruno Conti, for us you are Marazico“.

What is your most indelible memory of that great blue victory?

After the game was over, my entire street life passed me by. If you look at the pictures I was crying, approaching the cup, then hugging President Pertini I continued to cry, it was an incredible situation. We never slept that night.

Bruno Conti with Sandro Pertini

Physical and look

Hair has always been one of the hallmarks of your image as a footballer, so much so that some of your teammates thought you had a toupee. In the book you talk about your obsession with hair …

“That of the companions, it is clear, is all envy! Why don’t I have hair white, then they say that I have a toupee or that I dye them. That’s not true, I’ve been used to taking care of them myself for a lifetime, I wash them and comb them every day, in fact I was always the last to leave the changing rooms. the I’m not a handsome man like Cabrini, I have to value what I have. “

Your height was never a problem, but it could have been worse, your father was five centimeters shorter than you and Nettuno called you Trueba and Truebito, after that little Spanish cyclist.

“When I was auditioning when I was very young, many thought that my small size was an obstacle to my career, “the magician” Herrera also thought. They hung me from a crossbar to make me stretch… I didn’t gain even an inch but what a pain in my arms! But I was not discouraged because I had a good technique and above all because I continued to have fun with sport, both in football and in baseball and on the pitch I was never afraid of anyone. “

Bruno Conti

The Sunday Man Paolo Rossi, the boy with the goal

Touching and evocative are the frescoes of two other symbolic figures of that blue epic, Paolo Rossi and Dino Zoff, painted by Giorgio Porrà. The special edition of L’Uomo on Sunday Paolo Rossi, the boy with the goal, dedicated to the anniversary of the untimely death of the champion, it evokes the myth of Pablito Mundial, the icon next door, a champion who chose to remain himself. An unmissable in-depth study with a look at the almost fraternal relationship between Rossi and Baggio and the paternal-filial relationship that linked Paolo to Enzo Bearzot.

The programming of 11 July on Sky Sport Calcio

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  • 08.45 am A ride with Claudio Gentile
  • 09.00 Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The match ep.1
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  • 11.00: Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The match ep.3
  • 12.00: Bruno Conti: “Child’s play”
  • 1.00 pm: Federico Buffa Tells Italy World Cup Stories (Spain 82)
  • 2.00 pm: A ride with Claudio Gentile
  • 2.15 pm: Buffa & Zico: “Crime Imperfect” 1 pass
  • 3.00 pm: Bruno Conti: “Child’s play”
  • 4.00 pm: #SkyBuffaTell Bearzot ep. 1
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  • 18.00: Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The match ep.1
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  • 9.00 pm: A ride with Claudio Gentile
  • 9.15 pm: Special “1982 ROUND AND RETURN
  • 10.15 pm: Buffa & Zico: “Imperfect Crime”
  • 11.00 pm: * Paolo Rossi a champion is a dreamer who never gives up
  • 00.45 am: Bruno Conti: child’s play
  • 01.45 am: #SkyBuffaTells Bearzot ep. 1
  • 02.45 am: #SkyBuffaTells Bearzot ep. 2
  • 03.45 am: A ride with Claudio Gentile

Bruno Conti: “Child’s play”: the special