Brazil “will continue to radicalize” | DW | 25.11.2022

the german newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung analyzes the protests of radical supporters of the former Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, who refuse to recognize the result of the last elections, in which Lula da Silva was the winner.

“The protesters, but also other Brazilians who are not actively participating in the protests, feel cheated. Many even consider themselves victims of a conspiracy. It all started with the release of Lula da Silva, who had been convicted of corruption, and the annulment of the proceedings against him by the Supreme Court (…)

At the same time, following Bolsonaro’s victory four years ago, the Supreme Court began to take more decisive action against the spread of fake news and hate speech on social media. The Justice ordered to block accounts and even opened investigations in some cases. Those affected speak of censorship deliberately directed against followers of Bolsonaro. The Supreme Court has become the enemy. (…)

On the other hand, throughout his presidency, Bolsonaro sought conflict with Justice, fueling animosity. Likewise, he systematically undermined confidence in the electoral process and electoral institutions (…)

The biggest mistake of the radical protesters, who demand a military intervention, is to believe that they are a majority. Actually, it is a minority. However, they are not alone. 58 million Brazilians voted for Bolsonaro. Although the majority recognize the electoral result and do not demand a coup, they are also frustrated or, at least, disappointed.”

“The country will continue to radicalize”

For its part, the rotary Die Tageszeitung highlights the fact that the electoral court of Brazil has rejected the demand of Jair Bolsonaro’s party to annul the past elections for alleged fraud.

“With the most recent decision, the last hope of Bolsonaro’s supporters to challenge the electoral result through legal means dies. Many experts believe that the lawsuit is more of an attempt to continue mobilizing supporters. Both the court decision and the harsh fine will only confirm the narrative of many Bolsonaro fans that this is a ‘system’ plot.

Judge Alexandre de Moraes, who is also a member of the Supreme Court, has long been abhorrent to many on the right and the ringleader of a vast conspiracy. Since the electoral defeat, Bolsonaro supporters have taken to the streets across the country to protest against the ‘stolen election’. The country will most likely continue to radicalise.”

“Silence” against Qatar

This week, the medium Frankfurter Rundschau It also highlights the “silence” on the part of Latin American countries regarding criticism against the host country of the World Cup, Qatar.

“The region is silent and almost innocently enjoys the soccer party. None of its six countries participating in the World Cup has uttered an official or semi-official critical word against the tournament (…) In the opinion of the Mexican writer and fan Antonio Ortuno, in America Latin America, soccer is not the right place to criticize injustice and global problems. In Mexico, as in all of Latin America, soccer works as an escape valve. It helps to distract from the surreal life and sometimes even lethal.”


Brazil “will continue to radicalize” | DW | 25.11.2022