Brazil: “They are on the wrong side of history”, Rai deplores the support of some footballers for Bolsonaro

For a few days, Lula has been the new president of Brazil. Also a candidate, former far-right president Jair Bolsonaro was able to benefit from the support of many Brazilian footballers such as Neymar, Lucas Moura or Dani Alves. Positions on which Rai spoke in an interview with So Foot.

For many weeks, the presidential elections in Brazil have been the talk of the town. Not only on the South American continent, but also in Europe. For good reason, many footballers playing in France or England shared their support for Jair Bolsonaro who was representing himself.

If the latter was beaten by Lula, well-known names in Ligue 1 regret that football stars like Neymar or Dani Alves can support the now ex-president. Former PSG player, Rai shared to SoFoot his astonishment on this point: “It’s very difficult to understand. He made racist remarks, and that did not prevent black or mixed-race players from supporting him. He carried out sexist policies, against the poor, which which is very clear to me, but much less clear to some people in my background.”

“They are on the wrong side of history”

In an attempt to explain this, the former midfielder thinks that certain beliefs put forward by the candidate may have prompted these footballers to join him: “They let themselves be deceived by false information, values ​​displayed by Bolsonaro, which has managed to make basic principles, such as respect for human rights, secondary in many minds.”

Shortly before the start of the elections, Dani Alves had advanced in a video his pride in supporting a party taking into account his religious convictions: “I like the slogan which excites me, but not because it was chosen for a political side , but because it’s Brazil first and God first.” In 2018, Bolsonaro’s campaign slogan was “Brazil above all, God above all.” For his part, Rai calls on his compatriots to return to the right path: “If these people return to simply human values, they will realize, little by little, that they are on the wrong side of history.”

The appropriation of the Brazilian jersey

Another point raised by Rai, the appropriation by Bolsonaro of the Brazilian jersey for his campaign. For fear of being affiliated with the ex-candidate, the former element of the Seleçao shared his regret at having to give up wearing a tunic that he often represented during his career: “I felt bad for no longer to be able to carry it. Bolsonaro carried out a very well thought out strategy. He saw that his main adversaries displayed red colors for Lula (…) and saw the opportunity to be seized by transforming a national symbol into a nationalist symbol.

But like Juninho who had displayed his joy on social networks to see Lula at the head of the country, Rai can now wear this tunic proudly: “Now that he has lost, I already see around me people who go back to wearing the Auriverde jersey (…) It’s only a matter of time and intelligence, for the Brazilians to reclaim their jersey.”

Brazil: “They are on the wrong side of history”, Rai deplores the support of some footballers for Bolsonaro