Brazil: Steve Bannon asked Bolsonaro supporters to keep up the coup protests | Former Trump adviser believes fraud was committed in the second round

The manager of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump in 2016, the American Steve Bannon, called on the Brazilian extreme right to continue protesting against the victory at the polls of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silvaaccording to a video broadcast this Wednesday by the deputy eduardo bolsonaro. “If electronic ballot boxes were only well regarded by a few countries, now no serious country will adopt them,” the parliamentarian, son of the president, wrote on his Twitter profile. Jair Bolsonaro, feeding the theory of an alleged fraud in the second round. The outgoing president He returned this Wednesday to the Planalto Palace after spending 19 days in detention at the official residencethe Alvorada Palace.

Praise to the “great patriots”

In the video shared by Eduardo Bolsonaro, Steve Bannon praises the “great patriots of Brazil”, alluding to the protesters who, since the October 30 elections, protest at the gates of the barracks and demand a military coup that prevents Lula’s inauguration on January 1st. According to Bannon, “They put themselves at risk and went to the streets to say that the Constitution was not followed using those ballot boxes”alluding to the electronic voting system used in Brazil since 1996 and which, until now, had not been the subject of a single fraud complaint.

Nevertheless the liberal partywho nominated Bolsonaro, asked this Tuesday the electoral justice to be partially invalidated the results of the elections, arguing that 61 percent of the electronic ballot boxes could not be audited. “Lula is a transnational criminal and together with the party, which has supported him, they have been in business for more than 20 years and want to extend their power beyond the Amazon,” said the star adviser to former President Trump when participating virtually in the Mexico 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference, a global forum of far-right politicians.

problems with justice

In the video shared by Bolsonaro, Bannon also maintained that “Brazilian patriots have a great fight ahead of them” and affirmed that “when they begin to digitize the elections is to “steal them, because they know they do not have the support of the people.” The former executive president of Breitbart News is the subject of various investigations in the United States and has already been found guilty of obstructing investigation into January 2021 Capitol assault.

Despite the fact that Bannon no longer worked for the White House in the period under investigation, the House committee maintains that he had a conversation with Trump in the moments before the attack, also being present in the Willard Hotel room, in Washington, where various associates of the Republican tycoon met while the incidents were taking place.

The defeat of former President Trump at the polls and his constant allegations of electoral fraud due to alleged voting irregularities, never accepted by the courts, were one of the triggers for the insurrection on January 6 that resulted in several deaths. Bannon was also the founder of El Movimiento, an “International of the New Right”, which since 2019 has as its coordinator for Latin America the deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro. According to those close to President-elect Lula, experts linked to the American publicist would have traveled to Brasilia to collaborate with Bolsonaro’s recent campaign.

Tour of the Planalto Palace

The outgoing president of Brazil He returned to the government headquarters this Wednesday after being confined for 19 days in the official residence, from whose dependencies he had hardly left since the electoral defeat in the ballotage end of October vs. Lula. Bolsonaro’s last appointment on his official agenda as president in the Planalto was on October 31when he had a meeting with the outgoing Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, the day after the second round.

For this Wednesday, Bolsonaro had scheduled a meeting with the former Minister of Regional Development and current Senator-elect Rogerio Marinho, the newspaper reported. Folha de Sao Paulo. The far-right leader, who according to his partners was depressed by the defeat in the elections, used the official residence as a base of operations. Last week, Vice President Hamilton Mourao attributed the president’s absence from public life to a skin disease that prevented him from wearing long pants.

In the Palacio de la Alvorada he received visits from ministers and allies and on November 1 he called a press conference to pronounce on the elections, although he did not acknowledge his defeat and limited himself to saying that he would continue to comply with the Constitution. This Tuesday, at the official residence, he met with the leader of the Liberal Party, Valdemar Costa Neto, in relation to the audit with which they intend to question the results of the elections.

Lula, meanwhile, postponed his trip to Brasilia to lead the transition team to recover after surgery on the larynx that was performed last Sunday.

Brazil: Steve Bannon asked Bolsonaro supporters to keep up the coup protests | Former Trump adviser believes fraud was committed in the second round