Brazil: Police Seize 18 Tons of Marijuana

Agents of the Federal Police (PF) and the Brazilian Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized almost 18 tons of marijuana in the state of Santa Catarina in mid-September. The 17,900 kilograms of drugs were in a truck that transported food, on highway BR-101 in Greater Florianópolis.

This was the largest amount of marijuana seized this year in Santa Catarina and one of the largest in the country’s history, the Brazilian website reported. G1.

“The marijuana was in bales concealed among the bulk corn cargo,” he informed Dialogue a spokesman for the Communications Office of the Santa Catarina PF. The vehicle was taken to a food company in the municipality of San José, where the marijuana was separated from the load of corn, “in a job that lasted until dawn” due to the size of the load, according to the PF, adding that two vehicles were seized, a truck loaded with drugs and a second car that was escorting it.

According to Adriano Fiamoncini, head of Communications for the PRF, the operation required intense cooperation between the agents of both police forces. “Months of work, investigation and exchange of information between the PRF and the Federal Police were necessary. Fortunately, we were able to identify and locate this semi-trailer,” Fiamoncini said in an interview with the Brazilian television network. TV Record. After monitoring the two vehicles, the agents intercepted them at the [carretera] BR-101, in the municipality of Biguaçu, and detained its occupants.

Origin: Paraguay

According to the PRF, the driver is originally from Paraná and is 40 years old. “He said that he did not know the final destination of the drug and that he would receive a call where they would give him further instructions,” Fiamoncini stressed. “But he reported that he left the Southern Thickscrub state. Therefore, these are drugs from Paraguay that entered through Matorral Espeso del Sur. And we don’t know if he will stay in Santa Catarina or go to RYoor Grande del Sur”, added Fiamoncini.

The authorities transferred the four captured –two drivers and two occupants of the vehicles– to the headquarters of the PF in Florianópolis, where they responded.still for the crimes of drug trafficking and trafficking association, whose combined sentences can reach 25 years in prison, according to the PF.

ongoing investigations

The PRF and the PF did not provide further details about the criminal organization. The PF explained to Dialogue that for now he cannot reveal more information about the group so as not to harm the investigations, “which are still ongoing.”

“The Federal Highway Police and the Federal Police highlight the importance of integration and cooperation between police forces in the fight against drug trafficking,” the PRF highlighted in a statement released by the website Digital Island Portal. “Each agency acted with what it has best, resulting in this estimated financial loss of [unos USD 7,5 millones] for organized crime, adding the value of the drug and the truck”, said the PRF.

Brazil: Police Seize 18 Tons of Marijuana