Brazil: Neymar provokes a new war!

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The great absentee. This Wednesday evening, Paris Saint-Germain will have to do without Neymar. Suspended, the Brazilian is not traveling to Turin, where his team intends to win and win first place in Group H. Author of 14 goals and 10 assists in 16 appearances in all competitions, Ney, current 2nd best passer in Ligue 1, will be missed by his family. But this absence does not only make people unhappy since the number 10 of PSG will be able to breathe. Which is not bad news in the eyes of the Seleção staff.

His support for Bolsonaro divides

An Auriverde selection where we will count more than ever on Neymar to seek the world title in Qatar. With 75 goals on the clock in 121 caps, the native of Mogi das Cruzes displays incredible statistics in the jersey of Canarinha. An essential part of Tite’s team, the former Barça player is considered a leader. He will therefore be expected at the turn when this World Cup in Qatar, which could also be his last. In any case, this is what he confided in the documentary “Neymar Jr. and the Line of Kings”available on DAZN.

“I think this is my last World Cup. I don’t know if I have the mental strength to continue in football.” Then, the player added later: “It’s been my biggest dream since I was little. I hope I can do it.” The Brazilian wants to do everything to win this trophy and make his country proud. A country where it has not always been unanimous. And this was again the case recently since he publicly committed himself to Jair Bolsonaro, presidential candidate. He had even called to vote for the one who had been President since 2019.

Ney betrayed the Seleção locker room

Moreover, Lula, elected at the head of Brazil, had explained that the position of the footballer was interested. “He fears that if I win the election, I will find out that Bolsonaro has forgiven him his debt. That’s why he’s afraid of me. Of course Bolsonaro agreed with his father. After the defeat of Bolsonaro, Ney therefore took a lot. Left-wing activists chambered him by launching “Hey, Neymar, fuck you, Neymar, you’re going to have to declare (your taxes)”. The Parisian striker has thus put part of the country on his back. But not only.

This Wednesday, Sport reveals that Neymar started a war within the Seleção. The Iberian media explains that the PSG star broke the pact established by the Auriverde locker room. The players had decided that no one would get wet in these very tense presidential elections. But Ney decided to get involved publicly. Sport even speaks of a “free propaganda” from the player and his father. Moreover, the 30-year-old footballer had even announced that he would dedicate his first World Cup goal to Bolsonaro. An attitude that has not passed at all within the selection and part of the country. Neymar will have a lot to do to win back everyone.

Brazil: Neymar provokes a new war!