Brazil: Lula wants “Opec of tropical forests”. Towards an agreement with Indonesia and Congo

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Lula, re-elected president of Brazil, with Sandro Bennucci, in a photo of 2006, when the current director of Firenze Post was sent by La Nazione for a report in Brazil

BRAZIL – Inacio Lula da Silva will be inaugurated as president of Brazil only in January 2023. But his election has already produced changes, including in environmental protection. Meanwhile, he has been invited to the Cop27 on climate change, taking place from today, November 6, 2022, until the 18, in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. Then the agreement for the OPEC of the forests is close. That is, an agreement between the three great nations of the tropical rainforest – Brazil, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The negotiation is aimed at forming a strategic alliance to coordinate on their conservation, nicknamed “Opec for rainforests”.

This was reported by the British newspaper Guardian. The three countries are home to 52% of the world’s primary tropical forests, crucial to avoiding climate catastrophe, underlines the newspaper, recalling that the talks on forest conservation are a promise made during the election campaign by Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, elected president of Brazil in the ballot of 30 October. The alliance could see rainforest countries submit joint proposals for the carbon market and finance, which has long been a sticking point in UN climate and biodiversity talks.

Oscar Soria, campaign director of the activism website Avaaz, said the alliance could be an “OPEC for rainforests”. Before being elected, Lula he said any alliance could be extended to other rainforest countries, such as Peru and Cambodia. “This agreement could be a promising step forward, provided that indigenous peoples and local communities are fully consulted in the process and that their rights and leadership are respected,” Soria said. “These three ecosystems are fundamental to the ecological stability of the world and the answer for the prosperity of these forests lies in the people who live there.”

Carlos Nobre, a Brazilian scientist and co-chair of the Scientific Panel for the Amazon (SPA), said Lula’s election is an opportunity for rainforest conservation. “The president-elect is already working with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Indonesia to protect all the tropical forests on the planet. He also reiterated his government’s commitment to zero deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon during his presidency, ”he stressed. The three nations signed an agreement at COP26 in Glasgow to stop and reverse deforestation by 2030. However, data from Global Forest Watch shows that Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Indonesia were among the top five countries for the loss of primary forest in 2021, with 11.1 million hectares lost last year.

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Brazil: Lula wants “Opec of tropical forests”. Towards an agreement with Indonesia and Congo – Firenze Post