Brazil, Lula government: ‘Regulate gaming to finance schools’

Change of perspective for the game and online poker in Brazil after the statements of some men close to the new president Lula.

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This time the poker and the Brazilian online game may have won the coin flip of life. According to journalists Fernando Mitre, André Basbaum, Lana Canepa and Rodolfo Schneider, the President-elect Lula da Silva’s campaign communication coordinator, Edinho Silva, he would have ensured that when he takes office, the PT will focus on restoring the education system in Brazil. And to finance this substantial part of the state budget, gambling and betting would be a significant source of funding for school infrastructure and educational programs across the country. “We can regulate gaming and put that money into education and educational infrastructure”said the communications coordinator.

A nice change of perspective after the painful Brazilian elections with Jair Bolsonaro one step away from reconfirmation and which represents a nightmare for Gambling supporters and businesses. The former president would have vetoed any pro-gambling bill even if he passed the various parliamentary passages. All to satisfy the Catholic groups who supported him and strongly opposed the regulation of a sector that could yield at least 23 billion reais in the first year of operation.

The development of the gaming market in Brazil was stopped this year after the approval of the regulatory project in the Chamber of Deputies, due to the presidential election. After the government’s settlement, news was expected to spread both on the project stalled in the Senate and on the enactment of the sports betting law, which had already been approved in 2018, although no progress has been made.
For Silva, the main problems facing the country are the consequences of the pandemic on the education system, so his focus will be on “breaking the cycle of exclusion of Brazilian families through education”, according to BNL Data. .

“I think we need to look for sources of funding to overcome this situation in 2023. There are sectors which, even if it seems controversial, are active and do not pay taxes, it’s absurd!” said the expert. And, when asked which sectors he was referring to, he confirmed that they were “gaming and sports betting”.
And the forecast on receipts for the tax authorities mentioned above appeals to the Lula Government: “With 23 billion in the first year, we would have an educational compensation program for these children who have been left out of school during the pandemic – he said – we can regulate games and invest that money in education, without increasing the load by a penny tax of the people, despite the issue generating controversy”.
It will be necessary to understand the real will of the new president, but the first signs seem positive.

Brazil, Lula government: ‘Regulate gaming to finance schools’